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So i've been thinking about diseased plants and how to prevent them, since sometimes we venture far from our bases not knowing when the disease will strike, and come back to find a bunch of bushes diseased and that's very inconvenient. Now i'm not saying remove the disease, i like this challenge element.
But i'm suggesting to have an endgame item that warns you about it even when you're far from base.

The Nature's Amulet. Similar design to the rest of the amulets but using a green gem to craft it. If worn (loses durability while worn) it will warn you if your plants are going to be diseased like 1-2 days ahead of time, so that if you're far from base you can make it back in time to prevent it from spreading.

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Now don't get me wrong, we DO need some kind of disease prevention or cure, but the method you suggested seemed a bit out of place. First of all, green gems have no relation to plants. Each gem has their own element or aspects. The green gem seems to be about labor and work. Items using green gems never once involved plants or nature. Secondly, each gem also only has one staff and amulet (excluding the unusual iridescent gem) so adding another amulet that uses green gems would feel a bit out of place based on long standing design choices.

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8 hours ago, Weird Wanderer said:

Don't people have to be near the plants for disease to occur or is that not a thing?

Disease randomly occurs to transplanted plants older than 50 days, even if they're not loaded. So to answer your question, no. People don't have to be near the plants for disease to occur.

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