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Found 8 results

  1. So i've been thinking about diseased plants and how to prevent them, since sometimes we venture far from our bases not knowing when the disease will strike, and come back to find a bunch of bushes diseased and that's very inconvenient. Now i'm not saying remove the disease, i like this challenge element. But i'm suggesting to have an endgame item that warns you about it even when you're far from base. The Nature's Amulet. Similar design to the rest of the amulets but using a green gem to craft it. If worn (loses durability while worn) it will warn you if your plants are going to be diseased like 1-2 days ahead of time, so that if you're far from base you can make it back in time to prevent it from spreading.
  2. On this thread I will be writing stuff about DS that happened to me and my friends while playing Don't Starve. Enjoy-Seth
  3. i think this idea is good but i think it should be able to be picked up afrer being placed, craft-able, and relight-able just like the fire pit
  4. The problem with the sarcophagus, is that the Meat Effigy is so much easier to make, and the Amulet about the same as it, but without the curse, that no-one would build a sarcophagus as it would be annoying having a random curse...
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Water has strange behavior when rotating camera Steps to reproduce 1) Stand near the water/ocean 2) Rotate camera (using Q or E, or the arrow keys) 3) The water should look like it moves very rapidly Describe your issue When you stand near the ocean and rotate your camera, the water moves very quickly. A minor issue, but it's pretty jarring and doesn't make much sense.
  6. Edit:Original thread idea from Excess,should have searched better before starting a similar thread. All these people here at the forums,and the number seems to be growing constantly aswell.I haven't found any thread about this subject via the search function(if there is/are thread(s) about this subject I do apologize),but I am kinda curious how everyone found out about Don't Starve. ^^ I actually got introduced to Don't Starve thanks to Northernlion on youtube,he made a Let's look at video about Don't Starve.The art style of the game got me intruiged the very first moment I saw ingame footage.NL also did a fine job covering up most of the basic stuff on his own funny way.Bought the Steam version right after watching the video,something I do not regret at all Thank you mr bald Canadian!
  7. Very simple idea, Candles from bees wax. I managed to build a resalable sized camp and had to put up multiple camp fires and go along fuelling all of them. I reckon that a placeable candle would be really cool. My idea is that you can only get bees wax from bees in a bee box and not a hive and that you need the crook pot to mix a stronger version on silk (String) with bees wax, the string acting as the wick. Not sure if its worth thinking bout or not but tell me what you think, just an idea and i apologise if someone said this idea, i did have a quick look.
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number ????? Issue title No resolution differences. Steps to reproduce Change the graphics settings Describe your issue Greetings. Trying to play the game in as high resolution as possible. Hmm .. there is no difference between using 1280-720 or using 2560-1600 (which is the one I want to use). I have tried to restart the game, using non fullscreen (it defaults back to 640-480 or something when going back to fullscreen). I couldn't find anything similar to this when looking around the bugtracker. Oh and I have no idea what version I'm using as I can't see it when I start the game. Thanks