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Metheus Puzzle Part 3 (Spoilers!!! Updated With Chest Answers).

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13 minutes ago, 767392_1452794823 said:

Hey has anyone noticed the Wilson noise when you go back on the Metheus page? Did that always happen?


It's just supposed to be for people who haven't solved the puzzle yet, wilson is supposed to be telling the player what to do, like "I need another torch!" or something along those lines.

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You and someone else need to be close to the chest.


"The two partners solving the previous parts must be close to the chest. Once items are placed in the correct order, the chest will shake and an announcement will show at the top of the screen saying "Your presence has been noticed", and grant the players two special skins as a reward."



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18 hours ago, LynxV1 said:

Is this all done in game? The chest is not showing up. Do I host a new world and invite my partner who did the puzzle in with me? I can't do it alone in my own world?

The chest always spawns deep in the ruins regardless of whether your friend is with you or not. You do need your partner close to you though when you're actually putting the stuff into the chest. (If you can't host caves worlds, you can spawn it with "c_spawn("sacred_chest"))

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