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  1. I think that the Malbatross is some type of fish-bird hybrid. It's got a dorsal fin, webbed feet, and a scaly appearance. Winona's line is also what one might say when reeling in a large fish, but that isn't much. It looks similar to a Malawi Eye-Biter, but there are too many fish in the sea for me to pick one definitively. Maybe it has nothing to do with that and Klei just wanted to give the boss features that make it feel like it belongs at sea, I dunno.
  2. Double clicking right-mouse enables you to dodge twice, or at least the sound plays twice. I can't tell if you get extra distance from this or even if its truly a bug, but its there.
  3. I appear to have correct permissions, I can delete and add new files at will. However files will not update or download from the workshop. I have tried entering safe mode, and reinstalling the game (using both steam and deleting all the folders). Nothing has worked so far. This bug began with the new Forge Update. If there is a known fix I would love to be informed. Steam downloads workshop items for other games and can even download the same mods when I set up a dedicated server on the same computer, yet they refuse to download for DST. Steam says it downloads all the mods but when I get in game it says that they're downloading. Then it goes away, like it gave up for a moment, before starting the download again... I've reinstalled the game 3 times now and can't figure out what the problem is... I haven't seen or heard of anyone else with this exact problem and help would be appreciated.