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Disallow Ice and primary Monster Meat in the crockpot.

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Ice in any dish that isn't made with well, ice - it's going to be wet goop. It's overpowered and should be nerfed. Remove Ice in the Crockpot unless making things that require Ice directly.

Monster Meat as a primary meat source (outnumbering normal meat) should also be disallowed - For example, Honey Roasted Ham with 1MM/1Meat/2Honey is totally okay. However, using 2MM/2Eggs for Bacon & Eggs is stupid. The bacon is literally all poisonous. It makes some sense combining it.

This removes the all-powerful 1MM/3Ice recipe that this community seems to rely on, opening up the opportunity for so much more.

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Monster meat is the most "popular" meat because it's the most common and it can't be eaten without conversion so it has to go somewhere. While ice can be used to be OP it is most of the time, limited(for a time) most use it to make flingomatics unless you play Warly there is no reason to use ice as a main fillier most as I know and myself use it to get rid of rotting food. This isn't going to really change though I do agree about the 2 monster meat bacon eggs.

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Food isn't even that big of a problem.
I could easily live off of a few spider dens by cooking the spider meat over a fire and using the occasional gland to heal from the -3 health penalty. Sanity-wise, I'll just kite the shadows. It's easy.

Changing this would probably just end up affecting newbies, who are a bit encouraged when playing DST for the first time to play alone, where most mobs have double health. My opinion is to leave this recipe as-is for new players to get used to the game.

Plus, 2MM and 2 eggs only has a 50% chance of actually making eggs and bacon. Unless you have a Webber in your team (which don't exist in servers with more advanced players for some reason I don't get) that's either getting saved for pigs (which means you just wasted 3 monster meat by combining 4 into 1) or just thrown away,

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