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  1. Teaching Others to Survive?

    When I play with a newbie friend I set the world to Endless and turn giants and hounds to Less. Also mods! Because I'm a cheater. vuv I mostly use convenience mods, like craft pot, mob health showing, stats of weapons, armor and food showing, Global Positions so I can bring run to them with a torch when it's about to get dark or bring them back to life after they died from stupid things. Like eating mushrooms. Also No Respawn Penalty and Campfire Respawn.
  2. Meet Winona!

    My gaydar went off.
  3. But if you cook them over fire they're scrambled eggs! And if you don't cook them they're rotten egg shells! o-o
  4. How does Webber work? I know he's a kid eaten by a spider, BUT the Spider isn't dead and the kid inside isn't dead, how does that work, like when they eat, WHO eats? Is it the spider or the kid? Does the kid eat, poop, and then spider digests the feces? Is this an inverted human centipede? Is Webber a zombie? Cause in DS to unlock Webber you have to find his SKULL and put it in a grave, so he's a zombie spider digesting a kid? <.< If Webber is a zombie, how did he die? How did he lose his skull? Who took it? Who buried him? How did putting a skull inside a grave + lightning bring him back to life? Why do Tallbirds kill their young as soon as they hatch? <.< Why do Pengull eggs NEVER hatch? Why does Deerclops hate bases? He's not eating your stuff, he's not trying to murder you, he's just a homewrecker, why? Eyes of the Rock Den- what do they belong to? Bee Queen's hive is her "skirt", the lower part of her body, her upper body emerges from a small hole on top of the hive. How does that work? How does her upper body look when she's hidden in herself, like how does it fold? Hounds- where do they come from, why do they hunt you every few days? Any character can build walls, gates, tents, wardrobes, cooking pots, science machines, alchemy engines, fridges, a machine that detects heat and throws ice with perfect precision at the heat source... Can't build a house. Or a roof over the walls to protect from rain and cold. Why?
  5. I went for it with a friend a while back. Never done it before, or after. We were both rather casually playing DST, upgrading the base and doing things for fun rather than going into caves or fighting giants. And since we were casually noobing together I had a mod that allowed that us to resurrect via firepit. Lets just say there were so many skeletons on the ground her game was crashing and we were at this fight for so many days I couldn't roll back anymore. <.<
  6. I don't play on Klei servers or play as Willow, but I'm still sooooo happy about this update! It feels great when you know the developer listens to the community. ♥ Not that Klei was ever a bad dev, I just read about Black Desert again, remembered how angry that game made me and I really needed this to spark my faith in developers/publishers back to life lol
  7. No, they just appeared with the latest update. They were empty before.
  8. Same D: I've been playing DS/DST for years and I stick around for months, but I always am not here when stuff is happening. ;-;
  9. I'm so hyped idk if I'll be able to sleep tonight @-@ It's the first time I see a puzzle before it's 100% solved and analyzed, so exciting!
  10. Killer bees and sometimes bees cause my wife loves making bee boxes and fishfarms (mod) but she always makes them too close and they keep flying around the base, buzzing around and trying to murder us from time to time.
  11. Flowers planted by players will no longer grow back after being picked. I'm confused. What does that mean? Was there a bug that made it so if you picked a flower you previously planted with a butterfly, another flower would pop up at the same spot?
  12. It doesn't happen all the time, so I don't think it's how it's supposed to work, but it's a bug. I found 2 Pufts in one "hole". One just disappeared before my duplicants even got near them, no idea what happened to that guy. The second Puft once stood in the door, door closed on it, and it vanished. I loaded in the previous day, when it was still alive, and since then it stood right in the door while my duplicants were moving in and out, with the door closing on it and it's fine. It happened 4 separate times and it didn't die.