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The unwanted Wilson

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Yesterday, I joined a server during it's first autumn as Wilson. I promptly found the main base (which was still just an alchemy engine, fire pit, and crock-pot), and set to work creating some farms. All was well, but since I was out of the base gathering poop and berry bushes, I didn't really connect with the others on the server. As winter approached, I noticed everyone had winter hats and thermal stones. Everyone except me. Naturally I asked around for some materials to make a winter hat of my own only to find we had run fresh out of silk and beefalo wool, and the only beefalo were halfway across the map. This is when I suspected that they might actively be trying to let me freeze. This one webber had ALL the silk and was harvesting his spiders at every opportunity so I had to seek out silk elsewhere and getting beefalo wool wasn't an option as they were too far for me to get. Thankfully I had my beard and faith in my abilities. The webber still tried to thwart me by harvesting my rabbit traps so I couldn't get rabbit ear muffs, and trying to get more silk faster than me to use the trunk we had for a vest(both of us were disappointed when someone eventually cooked and ate it). I got my rabbit earmuffs and managed to survive 5 days during winter (still farming tumbleweeds), until a kind Wigfrid gave me a puffy vest. Sometimes people just don't want you around, even if you are trying to help them.

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You sir are a trooper the only thing that could of made that story better is if you killed the Webber(twice) and burned his stuff or took it.
Anyway I applaud your determination. You are not a normal Wilson you are:


Wilson the survivor
I'll go now :p


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Adapt and survive. The one thing that keeps us going strong at any given time. It's good that you did some quick thinking instead of panicking and leaving when they were too cowardly to avoid conflict and just say they weren't interested in having you on the server.

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