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  1. @bloopbloo My code changed, so here you go
  2. we need more people, if anyone doesn't have a puzzle partner for the second, can you input one of our codes into your tablet? It seems that 6 people need to put in one person's code. for us to progress.
  3. this is what is on my tablet
  4. I will. I put in black, you put in gold
  5. I'll do it here's mine. I'll put in your black, while you put in my yellow
  6. I refreshed my page and I'm able to do it without the tragic torch, but I did the cyclum puzzle just a moment a go, so I don't know If that did anything
  7. If you squint hard enough, hole in the first wall kinda looks like the ancient key
  8. Dupe-A-Day!

    my addition to this stockpile of dupes