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[JJBA] Don't Starve Stands

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I’ve been thinking about crossing the idea of Stands from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure with the survival game Don’t Starve (because I’m a huge nerd) and this is one of the ideas.

particle man.png

Particle Man - Grants Wilson the ability to instantaneously bring together objects and raw materials to create tools and structures at a moment’s notice.

Art by aipod, who has commissions open!

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14 hours ago, minespatch said:
  1. Loving the texture the artist put on Wilson's arms.
  2. I almost mistook this for a WX skin until I read the description.
  3. Quietly squees over the They Might Be Giants reference.
  4. Does the artist have a klei forums account?

1: Yeah, 'ats some good gloves.

2: I'm thinking WX's would be a stand themselves, Artificial Heart, able to bring to life inorganic machines.

3: If I develop this idea more, I think after dying and coming back or an encounter with Charlie, Wilson's stand becomes Triangle Man, able to blend the unknowable magics of nightmare fuel into higher level items.

4: Not as far as I know.

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