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Water Purifier heating water

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So my polluted water comes in at 23.5C and exits the Purifier at 40C this ends up heating the whole base... Is that normal ? I can tell from looking at the temperature map overlay. It seems a bit much considering water is supposed to take a lot of heat to change temperature... Where as cooling off water takes ages and there's no machine to do so...


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The recent change to the shower's temperature handling can be easily applied to the purifier if they wanted.

(Except it might just take on the temperature of the filter medium. Code doesn't care.)

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41 minutes ago, Risu said:

No it's just a hardcoded output temperature. Working as intended.

Then indeed somebody there has a brain fart.  You don't just arbitrarily transform polluted water at any temperature into water at 40 C.  That's just too good of an exchange rate once sand is renewable.

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