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  1. Residual radiation for nuclear waste is 1 rad for each 66 2/3 units of liquid waste. So for significant amounts, you need full tiles. For crazy amounts, you need to compress fluids.
  2. All you need now is to extend the dialable range on the atmos sensors...more than 20kg please! LOL
  3. Radbot generator doesn't make germs. It's the radbolt itself. It carries about 500 germs and emits a low radiation aura of about 1-2 rad at 2 tiles radius as it traverses the tiles. Any tiles containing elements mostly transparent to radiation will be smeared with a low dose of germ. Upon impact, it will transfer the 500 germs to the impacted tile and shower the surrounding 5 tiles radius with a huge dose of radiation. This radiation does not spawn germs in the affected tiles. Residual radiation for nuclear waste is 1 rad for each 66 2/3 units of liquid waste.
  4. I think it's a bug to be honest. It makes sense for bottles but not for buildings like reservoirs. I've had waste leaked out of aquatuners when there's no pipe breakage...That's just plain stupid.
  5. Well, that's nice =). Use germ to combat germs....
  6. Not outside of sandbox. Also each germ has their preferred medium and temperature. Floral scent, even if you could get it into liquid, will die very rapidly.
  7. Yes, you can use any liquid. I choose nuclear waste because that contraption can be hooked straight into the reactor nuclear waste output and be bootstrapped by just running the reactor long enough to get the falls running. Thereafter it will stay as a self-renewal rad source whether the reactor is on or not. Water would boil away at reactor temperature. The germ multiplication phenomenon has been around for quite some time now. I don't know how it works exactly but likely due to doubling in number of germ when the liquid transition from falling state into a tile state. Some funky math is happening. The side effect of some random germ multiplication was mostly ignored until now where a some what accurate accounting of germs matter. I also don't think rad multiplication via bolt detonation is an intended mechanic either. But have fun while it lasts eh?
  8. Why would you need to melt down a nuclear reactor? You just store up the nuclear waste as you run the reactor. It produces a prodigious amount of it. Nobody in their right mind would want to cleanup the fallout when this is supposed to be a lazy man's way of getting rad for free, courtesy of game mechanic... So, run the reactor the right way. Collect the nuclear waste into this contraption. If the liquid is without germ, then you innoculate the loop with a fresh batch of radioactive contaminant ladden nuclear waste into this setup. The constant liquid falling will multiply the germs to great numbers. Approximately 1000 germ = 1 rad. No, the falls is strictly not necessary but I wanted one with minimal power usage. Thus the waterfall. You can reproduce one with two doors, at different heights, opening and closing in succession, letting liquid fall into the same liquid. Pump it up and repeat. Edit: I forgot to add, the rate of liquid falling matters...What I showed is what's needed to exceed the natural decay rate of the germs so that the process is germ positive. When the bolt explodes near the collector, it actually gives it a nice germ juice to speed up the germ multiplication. Indeed, any time the bolt explodes, it will literally spray the surrounding tiles with germs.
  9. Personally, I think this is less fiddly... Yummy-radfalls1.webm Yummy-radfalls2.webm
  10. If you save and reload the game and run it at 1X, it won't blow up. But this is much more likley to happen when it's running at 3X. Anyway, it's a floating point operation bug...They really should fix it fast. For now, either build it so that it never stop running or if you intend to stop it, save and reload at a point close to where it's about to run out of fuel and run the game at 1X to hopefully not have it blow up.
  11. Yes, I edited my previous post. Oopsy. My eyes skipped a line.
  12. I don't mind the change. But why isn't it in the notes? It is not a small change! Edit: Nevermind. It is 3rd line down. Oppsy!
  13. Where is mention of Radbolt generator power increase from 120 to 480W ???! This line used to be fine and now it is overloaded!