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  1. umm , I normally use power transformer with circuited smart battery cutting off at full power stored (21kW). it make no different whether these circuit store 21kW, 24kW, or 41kW. what difference is overheat temperature, 55 C, 75 C, 125 C I guess , chaining 4 small power transformers to 1 Large power transformer could give a better idea to separate power load below 2kW. ,in case you adopt Large output power plants model.
  2. if i remember it right , Lead melt at 300-ish C and evaporate to gas at 600-ish C temperature.
  3. let's see when you encounter Geyser/Vent
  4. Since When!?

    heavy ... isn't it ?
  5. btw, Sweep categorize as errand : Storing , not Tidying and Strength 15 Plumber dude still mopping floor few 160 g liquid each tick , as same as strength 1 dude. the deciding factor is how fast nearby liquid flowing to block where Plumber dude crouch down /sponging floor. if there're continuously flowing liquid drip down to that block , Plumber may crouch there sponging all whole cycle. it is very inefficient to just mass-mop task liquid on floor. whether I let 1 specialized Plumber do the job or have every dude in colony storm the floor. the efficient method is to order 1 mop task at the center of liquid splatter. wait until liquid no longer flow. then mass-mop task. this way 1 touch of sponge will delete 3 blocks of liquid splatter. and you can forcefully haste the process manually by canceling current mop task ,just after sponge touch the floor.
  6. true. in its long run ambient temperature inside that room goes to 90+ and freshly release steam at 120 C hardly cool itself inside that room. but, by that time. I gather enough steel to meteor proof asteroid surface. and I revert polluted water purifying to Water sieve once again. feeding massive regolith instead of sand.
  7. does Aquatuner own heat no longer run along power wire and insulated pipe ? solid to solid contact don't count ?
  8. Duplicant idling when all lump of debris cleanly swept into storage /or full storage Duplicant hamster wheel training time take around 20-30 cycle to reach 10 Athlete. I never count it. those newby occationally operate Rock crusher/ Metal refinery/ Oil refinery instead of running wheel. wellllllllll .... refining power came from hamster wheels themself.
  9. first pool : i use its metal refinery output coolant (polluted water) to heat up polluted water pool to 80 C. by order lots of copper/gold/iron refining task. then order some steel refining to offshoot 138 C polluted water into steam + dirt right at output coolant orifice. 2nd pool and goes on : I redirect atmosphere temperature around metal refinery (90-105 C) back to polluted water pool via tempshift plate and insulated tile. if it not enough I just order more copper/gold/iron refining task. this idea is LESS efficient , require both atmo suit duplicant to work on metal refinery and keep repairing 1 broken insulated pipe. BUT , it guarantee germ free hot water , both food-poisoning and slimelung polluted water straight from algae distiller. safe for Electolyzer at the very least.
  10. all this deficit came from basis of sustainable Power Plant working 24 hrs per cycle, view point. during early, dupe colony should have less Power consumption. for all reason available, less heat, less duplicant maintenance work, less resource consumption, less hazzle drafting more power plant, power heavy watt wire. change view point to non-sustainable power plant , I find this 1 Petroleum generator reliable. - don't have to provide enough Ethanol generation rate, just have large enough ethanol reservoir for Petroleum generator to run full time for a duration. need longer duration : extend larger ethanol pool. even drown Liquid Reservoir (building) inside ethanol pool (empty space) is fine. - don't have to provide enough Lumber generation rate, by the time you access Petroleum generator. You should have 300+ tons lumber in storage from natural arbor tree, IF you can manage them just feed massive lumber to your 1 ethanol distiller. separate distiller wire circuit to a dedicated hamster wheel room with few battery. have some newbie duplicant train their leg muscle there. by the time their training is complete. you get additional ethanol to use .... later - don't have to goes straight to ethanol burner, burn some hydrogen while you at it. remember , ONI is resource management game. whether you channel resource into Oxygen,food,electric power. your choice. PS. domesticated arbor tree branch take resource 4.5 cycle to grow and take another 4 cycle to harvest itself !?
  11. Does it only me whom use Metal Refinery as polluted water purifier with hot dirt as an extra.
  12. I got +1 oxyfern seed via printing pod 5 times. this matter.
  13. question : Do any rancher goes to ,automaton:OFF, incubator to lullaby egg in the first place ? same goes to Electrical engineer never do engine tune up in ,automaton:OFF, power plant.
  14. Some help?

    wow ! vacuum insulated.
  15. 1. generally apply DISABLE (X) priority regard Cook/Doctor/Research/Tidy/Farm/Ranch/Art to all dupe. allow each dupe to work just 1-2 special priority task 2. in each special priority task , assigning just 1 Dupe : Highest Priority ,other 1-2 helpers just Normal. 3. assign newbie dupe (6th ,7th ,...) Operate : Highest Priority. with a Hamster wheels room. (of course allow only newbie inside) 4. assign Operate : Highest Priority and Dig/Build : DISABLE priority to 1 Electrical Engineer. for fastest Generator tune up with no stutter. (generator tune up will restart its progress bar once difference engineer working on it) 5. assign 3 Dupes whom have NO cooking skill Cooking : Normal priority as Tofu/Mush bar helpers. if needed. 6. use Weight Plate to prohibit dupe with less than 1000 kg cargo going to storage cluster. 7. encourage every dupe to wear Atmo suit all the time. of course rest/meal time is exception.