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  1. pathfinding trouble. in my oasis asteroid case , it happen to Pip. Pips just stutter there without moving , it repeatly do/cancel a task such as foraging/plant seed. I fix it by Save , return to title , Load.
  2. hardest asteroid ? anywhere without Algae , Iron , Reed Fiber , Slime , Gold. my dupes hospitalize more than 10 times trying to insulated 80 C hot sand without Atmo suit.
  3. Some help?

    dug out into space surface. you'll find IRON comet, GOLD comet everywhere. or waiting for 2000 kg Gold amalgam care package. or searching for mini-biome at the edge of asteroid map.anywhere BEYOND those hot sand surrounding you. I found Iron ore and Lead in mini-irregular oil biome recently.
  4. Oxyferns

    in my oasis asteroid, 7 domesticated Oxyfern render my whole colony dudes popped eardrum. normal oxygen atmosphere 4.0 - 7.0 kg and that compress CO2 atmosphere to 7.0 - 11.0 kg at 11 kg CO2 atmosphere , oxyfern halt. due to exceed 10000g
  5. Fish Feeder

    pacu can flopping on floor its whole life. it just don't lay egg before its life reach 25. but it will always flopping to the direction of nearest liquid pool ... just 1 direction. enclose puff in a pet STABLE, rancher dupe will call puff down to groom.
  6. yah average pokeshells stand no chance against mah Hatch , dat robotic Hatch (400 HP)
  7. Solar Essentials

    robo miner laser beam do ignore mesh tile !?
  8. sound like automaton switching bug. rapidly on/off lamp.
  9. i prefer old cold and reliable model. don't want any heat guzzling machine inside living quarter.
  10. slickster quickly lose its internal temperature by eating cold carbon dioxide. it'll die when internal temperature drop to 34.9 C warming carbon dioxide to 110 C won't help any slickster eating it losing its inner temperature. space heater do. PS. i won't proof that slickster losing inner temp by eating. i blame room temp/ insulate tile doing da kill.
  11. Fish Feeder

    you have to enclose fish feeder inside a pet STABLE. Pacu will eat it directly from spoon. granting fed status which -55% wildness/cycle. Tamed pacu give greatly increase Egg production from 5% >> 25%,but if it's feel cramped Egg production reduce to 0% Wild pacu don't need to be fed, it ALWAYS lay egg at 20 cycle ages. its initial calory is enough for pacu to grow old and die at 25 cycle ages. and cramped status have no effect on wild pacu. if you have 64 wild pacu in a pool, it will always produce 64 kg of egg shell and 64 kg of pacu fillet every 25 cycles. total number of pacu in that pool won't increasing nor decreasing. feeding algae to pacu is totally waste. unless you have few pacu to start with and want to increase total number of pacu in pacu pool. by feeding 1 pacu in a specific pacu breeding stable , then deliver fresh egg back to pacu pool.
  12. oh , it's tiny how does food ingredient enter this system ? to be sterile in that space.
  13. imo , you should not set same priority bracelet to all dupe (except normal priority bracelet). if you really don't want others untrained dupe to snatch specialized job from professional, just DISABLE (X) priority bracelet. keep disable them until you see that very dupe idle. PS. btw, I set Operate:Highest priority bracelet for any new dupe need to train Athlete. in a room full of hamsters wheels and not allow to comepletely trained dupe. they keep on running most of time.
  14. Klei re-assign all task multiplier to unique decimal number but it doesn't matter. dupe still doing any low personal priority task (1-9) in Highest priority bracelet first , High priority bracelet second. suggest Solution1 : zoning your general errand boy away from pioneering zone. suggest Solution2 : assign normal priority supply bracelet to all pioneering Dupe. #### #### #### well let's try to learn some queue. assigning any Construction Task into natural blocks will generate 2 queue : Construction pending , Excavation #??. whomever has excavation ability will be enqueue into this Excavation task with their own personal #?? queue. whose queue #1 goes current errand, running her best route to excavation site. once all excavation done, Construction Task will generate +1 queue : Supply #?? , the game scan whole colony for whomever has Supply ability (all dupe). it will look into Highest priority supply bracelet first,else High priority supply bracelet and so on. I assume that your colony has 2 dupes which set High priority supply bracelet and 8 dupes which set Normal priority supply bracelet. all 10 dupes will be enqueue into this Supply task with their own per personal #?? queue. whose queue goes #1 get current task. even Normal priority supply bracelet dupe could get current task, if first 2 dupes occupied in their own HIGHEST priority bracelet task somewhere. such as digging another block once the very Dupe whom get supply:current task decide. a route between two point D1 (duplicant standing) >> C (construction site) is draft. the game scan whole colony again looking for accessible CLOSET lump of material needed, S1 (supply source). next is what you always see. 0. Dupe1 has been selected. 1. Dupe1 running from D1 to S1. 2. Dupe1 loading material as much as his highest carry capacity allow but not exceed supply task requirement and not exceed material lump's mass. 3. Dupe1 running from S1 to C 4. Dupe1 unload material onto construction site. 5. task ended. doing another queue. what it certain something interrupt your dupe during 1) 2) 3) 4) such as out of breath, schedule:rest, narcoleptic, peed herself,starvation, your Dupe1 will drop her cargo. skipping all to 5). the game re-selecting Dupe2, draft new D2 S2 C points. when Dupe1 unoccupied, Dupe2 do not tranfer his current task to Dupe1. unless something miserable happen to Dupe2 again. this can explain why some pioneering dupe supplying farthest HOT dirt into my mealwood farm. despite a deposit of cold dirt sit right in front of farm.
  15. one of brute force solution to your storing inefficient problem, train your dupe's Athlete to 10 via hamster wheel.