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Who is Metheus? (Lore theory)

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i think its the leader of the shadow creatures as the statues in the realm where you find the gate way has one statue that looks a lot like one of the shadow creatures when it turns nightmare it raises its hands up showing its got a big mouth but when wendy examines it she says:a tortured soul meaning that they maybe got tortured when they became shadows you can see the statue in the obelisks writing with the shadow creatures on it and theres one in particular that looks like their leader maybe thats metheus!


heres pic of the statue



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11 minutes ago, Master Jand said:

Remember the error message from the puzzle with the map and the moon and the bird notes?

In console, examining a note will result in the error message; It's greek to me.



Oh you mean the DST announcement puzzle? I think the phrase "It's greek to me", is a joke.

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On 28 Mar 2017 at 4:11 PM, Sudura2017 said:

Inb4 Metheus Skits


Perhaps Metheus will be our new character. Like Maxwell, the M for m'antagonist

i don't think so because i think maxwell will always be the main antagonist because klei has put so much story into him that he should be the one to end all of it

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