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Left hands! Please!

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Considering only 2 characters in the game know how to read, I doubt any would know how to use their left hand AND their right hand at the same time.


But in all seriousness, I think that would be a little unbalanced.. Lanterns have a pretty good light range and better durability than the miner hat mainly because they're designed to be for exploring and putting down where needed. Miner hats are for doing jobs like mining, chopping, and fighting with a logsuit or something of that sort.

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19 hours ago, Sudura2017 said:

Why can't we hold a Lantern/Torch in our left hand? Kinda what the bug does anyway. Like, surely it's not that hard to do some animations for it.


It would allow shields too! Who doesn't want a badass Bearger fight with shields?

The characters all already hold things in both hands, that's what happens when you just flip your animations to cut corners.

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