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Art Dump Included

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Got annoyed with lack of post where people could freely post art WITHOUT MAKING NEW ONE!                                                                                     (well kinda ye can do it in every post already, but here it's the the actual purpose)

So you can dump stuff here & hopefully no-one will see them.

Obviously I'm not assuming anyone will use this. Go freely do yer new posts and leave this one to rot alone!

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2 minutes ago, ImDaMisterL said:

And people just like making art threads for themselves, of course a compilation art thread could exist, but it'd be hard to keep it organized :p

Understandable, I just felt bit uncomfortable throwing stuff to as visible as new-posts & if I feel so, maybe some others might too!        


(thought this is pretty new game, so doubt there will be ton of people making art 'bout it & posting it in this forum & feeling same as I do. . .)

Maybe I don't just want to "throw my stuff in peoples faces?" :)

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6 hours ago, minespatch said:

Looking forward to seeing your work here. Sorry that sometimes people post work onto your thread but it happens. :wilson_dorky:

I guess that hat is your special item?

(not promising I will be doing much, I'm not exactly productive individual) Nah, I'm okay if they post stuff here! [Go ahead, people]

:] It ain't profile-pic of mine without my stupid hat!

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Took couple screenshots from Klei's art-stream. Not sure if anyone will find these useful. Not sure if I will find these useful.                     Not all of these are yet implemented.

(mainly saved these, 'cause I wanted skin-colors. And guns, for reasons)







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