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  1. As I joined late, I din't have too much patience, so have quick-stuff~ Also beautiful Baking Platypus with it's eyes on stratosphere~ [my fav chars do are Webber & Wendy, but you drew Willow & stuff. Have Willow. (Willow has great attitude & aesthetics, though~)]
  2. Edit & add the pic, either my end is bugging or you forgot it~
  3. Quick Webber with marker (on top of pencil) Should have left that mouth alone & white. Also lighting sucks.
  4. Couldn't really follow the stream (due another stream), but figured we'd be making Klaus. Did semi-fast digital-Klaus.
  5. I did my best. Aka barely anything. Tonight's quickie: Good looking Ewecus (and Ewelet. Ewelet is good fluff) I'm so out of drawing ideas, good that I can at least even do one of these once a week, even if lazily & semi-rushed.
  6. Hazard Holmes, investigating if rumors of lava indeed being hot were true! (and VolcanoDragon doodles at the side) (camera/picture quality as good as always with side of sloppy coloring)
  7. Quick Dupe-Hatch. (too late in here to muster motivation to do better than quick-sketch) (Edit: next day at 4pm (not 2am like with ^)) Got inspired to do tiny pixel animation. Not enough inspiration for bigger, though.
  8. Also lazy "war-gobbler". Armed with fork. Fear them.
  9. I decided to do a quick-ish big chester. Have big Chester.
  10. Not 100% sure if this is bug, but: Once when my Dupe got block built on his head (and thus got stuck) & I went no red alert to quickly free him, them were automatically freed & started breaking the very block that incapacitated him! (his lower-half was free) Well if it's a bug, I'm going to exploit this while I can! [sorry for no picture/video/anything. . .]
  11. I got same glitch after my guy fell 3-4 block down, he ended 2-3 tiles deep. Luckily I were able to dig them out before suffocation! Rest in peace, Brady. Your sacrifice was not in vain!