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Massage tables should just sort dupes by stress levels

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It seems to be that, ideally, the dupes would use the massage table as needed, just like they use the food and the toilet. You shouldn't have to actively sort the dupes on a regular schedule to find the one that is most stressed then assign them to a table then remember the next in the list and assign them..

Once they pass a certain threshold they should actively seek out the table.

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12 hours ago, kambing said:

Right now we have to do name comparisons every time and the sorting button in the Vitals tab is just too small to click.

I suggested the same, so +1. And I have a feeling that there will be quite a lot of requests for massage table mechanics - mostly for interface and auto-sending for a set threshold.

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I personally prefer the "automatically seek the table" idea, But I wouldn't eliminate the need for assignment altogether, I think having them treat the table like the beds, where the first to use it (or be assigned manually) will "own" that table and no one else will use it. then having the priority level like most structures.  this would allow some degree of automatic use like most stations have, without removing completely the micromanagement aspects of the game, You could set a priority but would still have to keep watch on needs and alter your priority ques to represent your needs.
as well as adding another layer of pro con decision making, is it worth it to build everyone there own table right now? or should i keep micromanaging rotations while i try to fix the long shopping list of other issues we face?


  • Assign ownership like cots.
  • priority settings and function like other stations

keeps micromanagement without the tediousness


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> I don't think they should do it automatically

Why not? They do other things automatically.

treat the table like the beds, where the first to use it (or be assigned manually) will "own" that table and no one else will use it

Why not treat the massage tables like any other machine? Real massage tables are shared all the time.

If it's a stress balance issue, then an individual duplicant could have a cooldown before they seek another massage (or before it's effective again, or before it's as effective again).

there is no day/night cycle inside an asteroid

What makes you so sure we're inside an asteroid? :)

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Ideal solution, for me, is that the table is just like most passive use items, like the beds.

If a dupe needs it, they use it. If you want a specific dupe to use a specific thing, you assign it and MAKE them use it. Like other things - like the research, like the generator, like the food pooper, all these things 'summon' dupes when the dupe needs to do something. Having to manually sort and assign is a needless complication. And its okay when you have 2-6 (barely) but if you have 10+ its basically unmanageable.


The day/night thing. It would be nice if you could set your sleep schedules, like Rimworld you assign the times people do things, you could assign the dupes when they do certain things, though the dupes seem more autonomous than rimworld dudes.

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