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  1. a) don't mean to sound snarky, but could've you made a screenshot with LESS resolution? Maybe around 240 on long side? b) it's a very first pass on the non-english symbols in ONI from devs. This stuff isn't that fast. Fonts themself a bit shaky, placing is all over the, hm, place. Some stuff don't even use translated lines - just the original ones. So be patient. And btw - after devs will finish with all this - translators will have to edit their work so it will fit nicely. So we are quite some distance from an actually usable and nice translation.
  2. И каждая группа (или индивид) считает себя Д'Артаньяном.
  3. Может мы друг друга не понимаем, но я полагаю что для использования в переводах разрабы предполагают какой-то шрифт, скорее всего свой собственный. Чего нам дает новый шрифт? Или это идет как фанатский мод и шрифт делают сами пользователи? Пока что непохоже
  4. Нет нужды изгаляться со шрифтами. Разрабы сказали что поддержка кириллицы (как и прочих наборов символов) планируется в скором времени. Пока что спокойно переводим, правим и редактируем перевод. А там и поддержку кириллицы введут.
  5. I'm guessing word " $value% " remains the same? It appears in ~3100-ish where Dupes stats are
  6. Not sure if it's a bug, not yet implemented feature or it's working as intended (hope it isn't), but liquid pipes have no heat interactions with surrounding items - gases, liquids, buildings or items that emit heat. And vice versa - nothing affects liquids inside pipe, so in effect pipes have 0 heat transfer, even most basic ones made from sandstone. Thus there is no need for insulated pipes, nor there is any possibility of a fancy liquid-based cooling/heating systems.
  7. Having a lot of wires and electrical devices seems to lower FPS, sometimes in half, when at the power overlay. This is somewhat problematic when placing a lot on new wiring, since it forces this overlay.
  8. Yeah, sometimes, when dupes pick up water from very small pools (less then 1 full kg) they do that - run all over the place, fetching what appears to be less then 1000g of water.
  9. Weird. I started new game, then loaded the old game - did all kinds of stuff - and now fmod.log is nice 79mb. Sorry, but I can't tell when it got replaced. Maybe the reason for bloat was long game session - if I recall correctly - I played for quite some time without exiting the game. Probably 4-5 hours
  10. Happened to me too - resolved it by reloading the game.
  11. I'm sorry, false alarm - turns out shower output just was full, so dupes interrupted the process. Ticked closed, sorry for inconvenience.
  12. As far as I saw the shower is a very inconsistent building. 70% of the time dupe goes inside, spend a few moments there and then exits shower, still with "grimy" modifier on him (I may have messed up the exact name - it's the one tied to shower as opposed to "dirty hands"). But the remaining 30% it works just fine - dupes spent some time (not just a few moments) and exit without "dirty" modifier. At all times the shower had both water intake and water outtake was free, so I think it may be some priority thing - they go in, but the task "shower" isn't fixed like visit to the toilet is. Or "dirty" modifier is actually have multiple instances - so dupe need multiple showers to get rid of it completely.
  13. After 15 hours of gamelplay and 3-4 colonies my fmod.log file is already 650mb. Maybe there is some limit, but even 650mb for a log file is a lot. Or maybe there is a limit, but it's not working atm