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  1. Same issue, for 200+ cycles, I have one tree that keeps growing branches but never drops a seed. And I've had two wild pips locked in the room for a while and they're not doing much either -- barely eating (even though they're constantly "Hungry"). Also, the Critter Feeder doesn't have an option for Pip or for Lumber, even though the Information tooltip says they subsist on raw Lumber.
  2. I agree that they should allow the research screen to be zoomed out a lot further -- ideally far enough out that you can see the entire vertical area in the current window. As a workaround, you can temporarily go into Options > Graphics > Interface and set UI Scale to 75% to see a bit more of the tree.
  3. I should add that in addition to the V-shaped waterlock above, U-shaped waterlocks also work, and feel a lot less janky.
  4. When you select a Gas Element Sensor, you see two panels; the second panel is incorrectly titled "Filter Outputs" and also says "Gas Output: All" and "Filtered Gas Output" and "Output 1" and "Output 2" (which make no sense for a sensor). Instead, it should say something like "Detect Gas Element" and "Detected Gas Element" (or "Sense Element"/"Sensed Element" or suchlike). (I suppose you reused the widget from the Gas Filter, which is good, but now you gotta make it configurable too.)
  5. a·mal·ga·mate /əˈmalɡəˌmāt/ verb combine or unite to form one organization or structure Since the "Amalgamator" separates amalgamated resources, it should be named "Unamalgamator" or "Disamagamator" or "Deamalgamator" or "Crusher"...
  6. Dreckos now eat Mealwood, Pepperplant, or Balm Lily. But their Info Panel text says they "graze only on live Mealwood Plants". Easy fix: "only on live plants" (and let the Database tell the player which types).
  7. Same here. This looks like a duplicant (heh heh) of this report: and I agree that the Current Errand panel is the likely suspect. At night, when the dupes' todo list is empty (except for "sleep"), the FPS is 12; wait until morning, when the todo list fills up, and it drops all the way to 2 or 3.
  8. When you select a Gas Filter, the Filter Outputs panel opens, with a Filtered Gas Output sub-panel. If this is a newly created Gas Filter, there is no element actually selected. Unfortunately, if you've already opened the Filter Outputs panel before during this play session, for a different filter, then the Filtered Gas Output list shows the old element selected! This is confusing and can lead to a player thinking that a gas filter is ready for action when it's actually not. This is illustrated in the attached screenshot. Note that there are three different conflicting indications in that panel; it appears that Oxygen, Natural Gas, or "No element selected" could all be the actual selection. If the player is looking at the panel instead of reading the (smaller, unhighlighted) text above, they will be confused.
  9. When "Total Skill Points" is two digits (value greater than 9), it is replaced with "...", even though displaying the actual value would take up less horizontal space.
  10. Vitals panel's Morale column sorts wrong in two ways: 1. it uses the *minimum* morale, not the *current* morale, which is much less useful 2. also it sorts in backwards order. (If the fat part of the triangle is on top, then the higher values should be on top.) See attached screenshot. The red triangle is fat-on-top which means descending order, but (a) it's sorting by the second value, not the first value, and (b) it's sorting in ascending order (lowest morale at the top).
  11. The Vitals list should re-sort when it's opened (or even better, should re-sort upon every tick, since most values are constantly changing). Otherwise you have a red triangle indicating that the list is in sorted order but it's not, cause things have changed since it was last open. Steps to reproduce: Open Vitals Panel (press V) Sort by Fullness by clicking the triangle Note the triangle near Fullness is red, with the wide end at the top, meaning sort in descending order (highest value at the top) (this is correct) Close the Vitals Panel (press V again) Wait a while Open Vitals Panel again (press V) Note the triangle near Fullness is red, with the wide end at the top, but the list is in the previously sorted order, not the new current order. The list is essentially randomized even though the UI indicates, and the player wants, it to be in the current sort order. To see the actual order, player must click the triangle three more times, which is a bad experience.
  12. I don't think that's a bug (although it is a Shine Bug ). Light is supposed to pass through pneumatic doors and be blocked by metal doors (aka airlocks, though that's a misnomer). Try replacing the see-through door with a solid door. Also, use the Light Overlay (F5) to see exactly what tiles are lit.
  13. Clicking "Unrefrigerated Food" alert should zoom to & cycle through the food (as, e.g., the "Flooding" alert zooms to/through the flooded buildings), but instead it opens the Food build panel, which is not very helpful See attached screenshot.
  14. ...which is why my first suggestion is to rename the door correctly, not to change its behavior. But I disagree that ONI would be way to easy with a proper airlock item. Currently, experienced players hack an airlock using the pump-liquid-into-a-hole technique, which only works because surface tension physics is hella broken and makes a half-full tile of liquid absurdly stick to the ceiling, like this attached image. But this technique is a hack, it's not at all obvious to new players that it's even possible, and it will break if Klei ever fix their physics simulation. Imagine a 6- or 9-tile airlock building, that the game devs could tune to take an appropriate amount of metal and power, that you could plop in instead of this soggy monster, that dupes could walk through without getting sopping wet. A proper airlock is possible using two automatic doors, a compartment in between them with a gas pump, and automation, but it's pretty tricky to get right, and I'm not even sure pathing would work through it.
  15. The thing called an "Airlock" in ONI is not an airlock! It's just a single sealable door that is gas-impermeable. In the real world, an airlock comprises two airtight doors which are never open simultaneously; it maintains pressure and minimizes gas exchange between opposite sides. So please either rename Manual Airlock to "Sealing Door" (or "Airtight Door" or "Metal Door" or just "Door"), or make it work like a proper airlock. And likewise for Mechanized Airlock -> Mechanized Door (or Automated Door or whatever). FYI the "lock" in airlock does not refer to a latch; instead it's the sense of a water lock, like in a canal. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/air lock https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airlock
  16. Same issue, but sometimes my FPS drops only when scrolling. The easiest way to see this is if you use "Follow Cam" since that scrolls continuously (but it also happens when info window is open and I scroll using WASD keys). On my 300+ day colony, running Follow Cam drops FPS from ~58 to ~12. UPDATE: just reloaded a save and now the FPS drop happens whenever the info panel is open, not just during scrolling. Using latest testing build LU-353781 on Windows 10. Chaotic Dystopia.sav
  17. New info: I just disabled all the useless (to me) streaming/capturing services that NVIDIA installed and set to run on startup as part of GeForce Experience. I also moved my game installation from my HDD to my SSD, and set it to full-screen instead of fullscreen-windowed. It's running much more smoothly now... not sure if I can say it's solved yet. See these links: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/977238/how-to-stop-geforce-experience-from-autostarting-every-time-you-turn-on-your-computer/ https://www.ghacks.net/2015/12/27/disable-nvidia-streamer-service-to-improve-video-card-performance/
  18. New info: I just disabled all the useless streaming/capturing services that NVIDIA installed and set to run on startup as part of GeForce Experience. I also moved my game installation from my HDD to my SSD, and set it to full-screen instead of fullscreen-windowed. It's running much more smoothly now. See these links: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/977238/how-to-stop-geforce-experience-from-autostarting-every-time-you-turn-on-your-computer/ https://www.ghacks.net/2015/12/27/disable-nvidia-streamer-service-to-improve-video-card-performance/
  19. Same here. And my comment (linked below) has screenshot and specs. Note that the Task Manager says OxygenNotIncluded.exe is using only <10% of CPU. Currently my game is on day ~118 and is hovering around 24fps when *on pause*. This sounds like it's hitting a hardcoded limit, but the variance is wide, going up to the 30s and down to the teens, so your guess about an engine limit is doubtful. Playing on slow, it hovers between 16 and 22. Your theory reminds me of an old story. Back in the early days of multitasking OSs, the researchers noticed that after 7 or more people logged in simultaneously and tried to do work, the performance would fall off a cliff. One of them quipped, "The fix is easy. All we need to do is search the source code for the number 7, and change it to 10."
  20. ...and by day 100 it's down even further, to 10-16 fps most of the time, on all speeds. With frequent jerkiness and occastional de-bursts down to the single digits.
  21. I just picked up the game again last night after 6+ months. It's ridiculously slow. I get 12-24 fps, with dips below 1 fps at moments (especially the start of a day -- which, after reading this thread, sounds like is due to autosave). All this while Task Manager says it's using 8% of CPU and the rest of the system is mostly idle. After day 20ish it went up to ~40fps, but still varies up and down enough to cause noticeably jerky animations. I'm using Steam, mainline release ("Betas" says "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs"), Windows 10 PC with 64G RAM, an i7 CPU @4GHz. I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti with G-SYNC enabled.
  22. As shown in the screenshot, this med bed is in a med bay, but its tooltip says it's not. This was fixed after I saved, quit, and reloaded. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1161090334
  23. I don't have time to repro it right now but last night a dupe disassembled a ladder while she was climbing it. She ended up staying in the empty space inside the "climbing" animation but couldn't move anywhere. When I noticed her starving I built a new ladder on the square and she walked away.
  24. I had to use google and these forums to learn how to set the priority to other than 5. One problem is that the "Set priority level" panel is small; another is that when you select the priority tool, the entire screen changes color so the little sliding-out animation does not register (with me at any rate). Since two clicks are required for this tool to be useful, the numbers should be big, bright, and visible -- maybe coming up from the Priority Tool button in the lower right, or maybe showing up in the middle of the screen, or allowing/requiring the "Priority Overlay" lines to be clickable. Also, there should be a keyboard command to set the priority number when using the priority tool. (If you consider this a feature request, let me know and I'll put it elsewhere; to me it feels like a usability bug.)
  25. Tooltips (popup help bubbles) sometimes stay around if you close the window before moving your mouse outside of it.