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  1. their big silver metal knob right over their mouth for their helmet in their new skin- it goes up with their mouth, how it normally would if they didn't have the skin, and it looks unatural because, well, part of their helmet is detaching and acting like their mouth, so.... i tested this in the emote tab in the curio cabnet.
  2. Hallow nights lasts until the forge ENDS. so it should still be a month or so of total time.
  3. i severely doubt it'll be any earlier than that so you're in the clear i think!
  4. 1) probably but no promises 2) the only date we were given was "second week of november" so seeing as klei loves thursdays as their update day my best guess would be the 9th or later
  5. I WILL NO LONGER STAND FOR THIS......... i can confirm that this happens to me as well. it hasn't changed since launch day, although on launch day itself it changed like 3 times.
  6. THIS IS HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE WILLOW FAN ART................... IM SHOOK..............