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  1. Trying for a more bestial take on him:
  2. The jobs menu takes a long time to open for me as well.
  3. Dead duplicants suffocate

    If a dupe dies while in a non-oxygen atmosphere, they will later produce a Suffocating warning even though they are already dead.
  4. I had a duplicant starve while there was Mealwood And Dusk Caps available for harvest. There must have been something funny going on with the Job Priority system, but Starving duplicants should know to go harvest food and eat it.
  5. Dupe died but Vacillator continued to run until save and reload.
  6. Exosuit Overlay tooltip reads, "Displays fully enclosed rooms (F1)", which is the text for the Room Overlay, and the shortcut key for the Oxygen Overlay. The F12 button, which would be the next logical choice of shortcut, takes a screenshot in Steam and does not bring up the Exosuit Overlay.
  7. plants become unmarked for harvest

    I have had this problem as well. It seems to be specific plants for me. (I had to mark them as harvestable again, and the same ones became unmarked later.)
  8. Duplicants delivering slime at 22.8g per trip.

    Paradise.sav This is a long time later, but hopefully it's still useful. I'll upload another if it comes up again.
  9. Dupe navigation indecision

    Problem continues even after clearing the passageway because the two paths are nearly identical lengths.
  10. Dupe navigation indecision

    My dupes are flipping out because they can't determine whether a water-filled passage is traversable or not. Paradise.sav
  11. Dupes only pickup slime

    I had this problem as well. It might be related to the Building Priority bug. I had to disable/deconstruct my buildings to stop my dupes from wasting all their time on slime.
  12. I have one dupe running back and forth delivering 22.8g of slime at a time to my Algae Distiller. Why can't they carry more slime?
  13. Pipes not being built

    My dupes aren't building this pipe even though the plans show up. They have no priority display.
  14. A momentary red texture appears just as the Ugly Crier stops crying. Happens on x2 and x3 speed. Dupe is also injured.