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  1. [Game Update] - 207380

    How do we actually update the game client? I don't see any options to do that.
  2. Almost perfected my base, running for 100 cycles without any disasters whatsoever. One dupe died because he was entombed in a tile on the ground and I didn't dig him out in time. Few things to note: Im generating so much oxygen using the 14 algae terrariums with free light that it just naturally squeezes the CO2 down and down. Running just on a single coal generator, one water filter, one water pump, and one algae distiller. (600W - 120W - 120W - 240W = 0W). No other power required. I just let the coal generator be at priority 6 so the dupes only fill it up once in a while, but its ok since my batteries can last for days. Full compactors of algae, slime, coal, and sand, none of them are even in danger of running out in 100 or 200 cycles. The only real bottleneck is water, since i was hesitant to break my 1-coal generator arrangement, then i realized that if i run on electrolyzer i don't need the algae distiller. turned off my microbe musher after my farm produced more than enough licemeals without need for cooking (saved another 240W) Extreme stress management. Masterpieces everywhere. Never had a dupe vomit or break things in 100 cycles. Since I place all the materials close to where there are needed (algae box near algae), water near algae and cooking, my dupes has a lot of free time to dig, and I actually managed to deplete all the contaminated water on the top half of my map (dug all the way to the top edge). as shown below:
  3. Decided to put my clean water high up on my second world, and recycling contaminated water back to the tank. Putting algae near my water to make the delivery faster but eventually abandoned them in favor of eletrolyzers, it just doesn't make sense, 3 algae farms consume the same amount of water as the electrolyzer, but produces only 1/7 of the oxygen. Not to mention dependency on algae. All the floors are mesh tiles so all the puke just flow down to the contaminated water reservoir, no need to mop!