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  1. steam does this a lot to me as well, They dont like to push updates all at once (i can understand why, but its still frustrating) so I have had games wait well over a day for an update to be available for download even though i watch it go live and see other people using it lol
  2. I have found that the game really dislikes when you run a pipe directly over an inlet/outlet port. try branching the inlets and outlets so its not directly connected to the main pipe. so basically: |____[ ]_| | | ll instead of |____[ ]_| >=========> >======ll==> Having a bit of a buffer to my pipes has solved most if not all of my pipe issues thus far.
  3. INDEV Build: CL#207683 Issue: Save consistently crashes game to desktop, With no apparent pattern. The game will play out fine, With no symptoms of trouble, no lag, studdering exc, But will seemingly at random Crash out to the desktop at random intervals. Sometimes it takes a couple minutes sometimes up to 20 minutes. Cause: Unknown Other Notes: 207380 is listed as the newest build on the forums, but despite several attempts I could not get my client to update to it. (or rather, Steam fails to show an update available to be downloaded) as such The issue here my have already been fixed as I use a TV as my primary display. But I have chose to post this anyways as the crash does not happen on launch, but rather during play, so i am not confident it is the same bug as being reported as fixed. System Specs CPU: i5 - 2500K RAM: 16GB GPU: GTX 1060 3GB Display: Dual - (60" Toshiba HDTV) (20" BENQ monitor) OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SimDLL_CRASH_release_207683_20170225-20.1745.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_207683_20170225-20.2955.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_207683_20170225-20.4335.dmp The Not-So Great Tunnel.sav DxDiag.txt
  4. I get this fairly often as well. I would think "profession" should be rolled first, Traits (and additional) second, with contradictory traits omitted. and then stats last, with preference for profession, and contradictory stats omitted. Bit it seams all of these things are just random generated. it can make for some entertaining dupes, but also completely useless.
  5. +1 tables need persistent ownership like cots and dining tables do
  6. So this bug has been addressed in the last 48 hours? I do not see it mentioned in any recent patch notes, and have not got far enough to actually check it in game (I started a new save to do proper testing :P) and this issue was one i was having at the time of posting. Its too late right now for me to continue trying to build a test save but im curious to know if this was silently fixed, or if we are talking about 2 potentially different issues. (im feeling the second is most likely)
  7. Im not enterly convinced, I have a 2 tank closed system for clean and dirty water that is used only for showers and toilets. I would occasionally have to top them up due to standard losses. After mixing a little dirty into the clean, I added a filtering pipe to allow the clean on as per usual, but to pull any dirty water out to go in the dirty tank again. As soon as i added this, My tanks would drain rapidly emptying in a few cycles. I have also found that any time I hook one up into a system running machines that use liquid resources, i would have the same result, A huge dip in performance without a dip in consumption, despite having no change in actual throughput. there have been several bug reports showing the same findings as well. though i have only personally made observations in active systems thus far and not made any proper closed "testing only" systems yet. (if only we had creative mode for this kind of thing >.> )
  8. I have had this issue as well, regardless of the pipe layouts, it appears anything entering one of these sorters will have most of its content claimed by the interdimensional liquid sorters taxation department as a sorting fee.
  9. did you by chance use any of the "special" pipes? Specifically the filtering one? For some reason, the filter pipe appears to be (quite consistently) deleting every other "blob" that passes through it. the "pass over" pip also seems to be deleting "blobs" occasionally as well.
  10. Have you checked to see if the bug persists through a save and restart? If so, You could potentially offer up a save file in place of a means of reproduction.
  11. I have seen this kind of think in quite a few games with similar fluid dynamic simulations. Im going to go on a whim here and suggest that the loss (or sometimes gain in other games) is caused by some degree of rounding in the calculations/floating point errors. It seems like thats what it usually comes down to.
  12. i mean, technically its not wrong.... The pipe is cooling because the heat is transferring into the much cooler room..... but realistically I would just not expect to see any meaningful impact in the room from a single pipe, unless the pipe is pumping gasses from the core of the sun lol.