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  1. Sounds manageable with ice carrots, some painting/sculptures and good ventilation.
  2. The color filters should be removed with mining out areas. It looks nice while the binomes exist, but it dosn't make sense to have the color seams go through your built base area.
  3. Natural gas is invisible

    It is slightly orange. compared to the chlorine (?) in the bottom right. Problem I have is with the biome background colors that stay in place even after having fully excavated a biome, these change the gas colors and make the display harder to read.
  4. Now you know the life we had in the closed testing group... and what we spared you by helping to kill these kinds of bugs prior to general release.
  5. Please improve the hydrogen generator

    You're arguing that the hydrogen generator should turn into a 100% conversion rate hydrogen bomb? Kidding, but possibly the HG should exhaust small quantities of helium (which could be used for decorative baloons). I'm not, even the current 8TB ones are so slow that they make no sense for me (speed/capacity is very bad, ZFS scrubs take so long that you at least need raidz3 to be somewhat safe against additional drive failures when replacing a dead drive).
  6. Why is atmosphere anti-social?

    From a bug report of mine (dated Feb 2017): Gas speed is ridiculously slow.
  7. Expiration date

    To get that correctly, you don't want them to die on their own when the timer is up... but to actively hunt them down?
  8. Why is atmosphere anti-social?

    I agree with the unintuitive, but disagree with the concern of how slow gas moves. Gas doesn't typically separate to weight at all except in very cold environments or other significant concerns (ie: bottoms of incredibly deep mine shafts). A simple real world example is the scent of propane from the BBQ and how long it can linger without airflow. This is why you don't fall asleep to CO2 poisoning when you lay down on the floor for yoga or something equally silly. There's some very serious gravity on this asteroid of ours! Please go into debug, paint a 50 tile long vacuum corridor into solid matter, paint a large amount of gas into one end, wait till 'pressure' evens out. Sorry, that's way to slow. Or look at for the effects of the 'one tile, one material' design decision. Also not fun.
  9. Wheezerwort destroys air

    IIRC they have a persistence bug that destroys the gas that was in them when you load a save.
  10. Why is atmosphere anti-social?

    The current gas model is IMHO unintuitive (look at the speed fluid moves and how slow gas is in comparison) and (as of the taken shortcut of one gas per tile only) completely broken when exposed to certain geometric configurations (traces of one gas can displace (or even block another) at way higher concentrations) It should be replaced with a system that is able to mix different types of gas within one tile, it should also support partly blocked tiles (so 1 mg of fluid won't block the full tile anymore). The needed calculations for that kind of simulation should fit (on every somewhat current GPU) into a shader program, so 'speed' shouldn't be a valid argument.
  11. Expiration date

    Bladerunner style?
  12. A mined Slime blob stitting in chlorine seems to stabilize a bit above 1 million germs.
  13. This. The lower tile should hold a foldable ladder that is extended into the space occupied by the door after it opened (so it'll give a 2-tile ladder for the duplicants to climb.
  14. Improved UI

    Use the function keys to switch between overlays. This. The building category menues should be made big enough so we don't need to scroll them ever.