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  1. But it's correct: on the asteroid clock the asteroid is turning while on the clock sensor the marker is.
  2. Stored contents of gas/liquid reservoir gets falsely exposed to outside gasses, opening an exploit for easy disinfection of gases and fluids. See the video where this is demonstrated (bookmarked at the 3:00 mark point where it's shown): The reservoirs should be gas tight, shouldn't they?
  3. Natural gas is invisible

    It is slightly orange. compared to the chlorine (?) in the bottom right. Problem I have is with the biome background colors that stay in place even after having fully excavated a biome, these change the gas colors and make the display harder to read.
  4. Wheezerwort destroys air

    IIRC they have a persistence bug that destroys the gas that was in them when you load a save.
  5. Germ Half life not calculating correctly.

    A mined Slime blob stitting in chlorine seems to stabilize a bit above 1 million germs.
  6. Coal generator doesn't stop at 100% battery.

    Not a bug. The slider controls the delivery threshold for fresh coal, set it accordingly so any excess can be stored in the batteries you have. Sadly the sliders on natural gas and hydrogen generators have been removed, it would have made sense to let them work the same: pulling gas from the pipe into the internal reservoir while below battery level threshold, hard shutdown when the internal buffer runs out and a duplicant has to manually restart them.
  7. Blackout

    Most likely you scrolled into unexplored territory. Press H to center the view on the printing pod. The 0kcal issue on load will solve itself as soon as you continue the game (which is paused when you load it). No bugs here.
  8. No Ice Biomes in Outbreak Build?

    Ice biomes are still there, but very rarely placed directly adjacent to the starter biome. Dig a bit farer and you'll certainly find them.
  9. Gas Vents

    The colors of the connectors at the buildings got swapped a while back, that might confuse you. White is now pipe into building while green (and orange for filters) is building into pipe.
  10. No Ice Biomes in Outbreak Build?

    Did you visit the whole map?
  11. Printer blocked

    Others were less lucky:
  12. No Ice Biomes in Outbreak Build?

    Ice near starting biome is way more rare now, forces us to go through infested areas earlier Not really a bug.
  13. Duplicant stuck in the Liquid Bottler

    TL;DR: Bottler without access to water does not disable itself.
  14. The massage table can't be used when not powered, so it requests power (even when not consuming it when not in use) to enable itself.
  15. Possibly a z-index issue like the one with the compactors fill gauge.