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Dealing with leechers in a PVE server

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So, there was this webber, that kept picking my dragon fruits and mushrooms, never replanting or doing something good in return. Me, as a good WX player, needed to do something to stop this.

I decided I needed guards, pigs and bunnys, armeds and ready to kill webbers (nothing against webbers <3, just this one). Built a little houses near my base (ignore the second skeleton, he died because of the worms :v)


and today when I logged in I see this:


Feeling very happy right now c:

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1 hour ago, AFatCat said:

Step 1. Make Weather Pain

Step 2. Give Leecher a Bed Roll

Step 3. Kill with Weather Pain while they sleep

lol didn't know you could use weather pain in others in a pve server, the only downside would be destroying part of my base :c

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I call them parasite or clingers, but they come in many forms.  

Parasites: the ones that take your items and reap the benefits without any gain on your side.  It's a one-sided affair of one person gathering all the resources and doing all the work while the other person(s) just stay at the base and eat your food.  

Clingers: these are a different type of leech.  They are the type to follow you around and let you kill things while you feed them.  They are basically a parasite that acts as your shadow.  :/  

Generally they are noobs who don't know much about the game, so they either just sit at the base or follow an experienced player around.

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