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  1. Iced Meat

    I think they already have something like that, called the insulated pack. It's like a backpack acting as a portable icebox. It's still expensive to make though.
  2. Everyone else is silent, Wes is the only one with dialogue. Best April Fool's joke of all time. Everyone else is nerfed, Wes is OP. Everyone has Lucy, Woodie needs 2 flints and 2 twigs to make an axe. Webber starts out with pig babies, and the rest of the cast starts off with a spider egg. Wickerbottom can sleep, no one else can. Willow comes in without a lighter, everyone else comes in with a lantern. Everyone can shave their beard except Wilson and Webber. Wigfrid becomes a Vegetarian . Abigail is nerfed along with Wendy. Wolfgang has highest stats as wimpy man (at 40 or below hunger) and has the worst stats on a full belly); still has bad hunger drain. Gears lower the stats of WX and rain still harms him. Maxwell has 75 sanity, 75 hunger, and 50 health.
  3. I don't know. I think players should play to their own style. Some players may like explorers, conquering (killing pretty much everything), or building. I personally don't like exploring much outside of getting the stuff I need to build up my base. I don't care much about discovering things and I don't care much about killing things either. The fun for me is building up my base. A player that wants to build an extravagant base may have a use for farms to complete the looks. Besides... I usually have a stock of seeds and want to do something with them. If anything, the annoying part is getting the poop and rocks for the farm. Though I do think they shouldn't really encourage a style later on. Players need to be all around in general, though especially to experience different things and learn the most efficient way to play.
  4. I struggle with this as well. Though here are tips. Collect a LOT of green and blue mushrooms (like over 20 for green only). Now before we get into specifics, you need armor. Make a logsuit (8 logs and 6 grass for 2 ropes) and spear (2 twigs, a flint, and 3 grass for a rope). You will have to leave your backpack since the logsuit replaces the backpack. Now the mushrooms. The average character has 200 or 150 sanity. Eat 3 or 4 to go completely insane. Eat 5 mushrooms for Wicker. After you get that insane, you should have that aggressive nightmare monster after you. Keep hitting it to get nightmare fuel. A passive aggressive way to get nightmare fuel would be to build a prestihatitator. This is going to be very long, so listen up! First you need to catch rabbits. One trap should be more than enough to catch 4 of them needed for the machine. Though you need two traps, maybe more, overall. A trap is 6 grass and 2 twigs. If you see a rabbit, lay the trap down and bait so that they come to you (step away from the trap though because they run if you're close enough). A longer way would be to make a trap, put it over a rabbit hole, and stop by later on to collect it. After you caught those 4 rabbits, you need to get silk. Yep, a top hat (6 silk) is needed. Use the traps to catch spiders. Keep using them until you get 6 silk. After that, get 16 logs to make into 4 boards. Now you should have 4 rabbits, 6 silk, and 4 boards to make the prestihatitator (purple machine that looks like a giant hat). After you make that, you need 4 evil flowers to make 1 nightmare fuel. If you need more advice, just look at the Don't Starve forum with videos:
  5. I'll never watch that guy again. He pretty much trashed Willow (who I used to main) and was a huge jerk. My favorite guide is personally Enjee. Simple and to the point. Others I like are RazingHel and Skull24 because they are just simple and quick.
  6. Waste of Gears

    The first few sentences go with the courtesy thread in the general discussion forum, but yeah, I agree. I notice that they tend to hoard the really useful and rare items too. It's why I do slight hoarding as well. I generally hoard silk, gears, gems, etc., until I've used them for what I wanted to do. I'll practically hoard them forever because people waste them. In this particular playthrough, I trusted the people so far on the server. Though when I saw those 3 iceboxes, I literally left. *sigh* I'm going to have to be THAT person again and hoard them like I used to. I can build them because I'm organized and very meticulous. Though I don't like to explore a lot, so that points moot.
  7. Yikes! It's never that serious though. Who literally stalks someone for access to a world?
  8. Craftable Spawn

    You can literally craft pigs, so I don't see why we can't craft other creatures. Though for the darker creatures, I would like them crafted by a Prestihatitator.
  9. I noticed that I had to explore a lot less in Don't Starve Together for gears. Still a lot, but a lot less and there were more gears on the surface area. It was just weird that it went from very few (default) to having the map cluttered with clockworks. I ended up getting killed by a random bishop that saw me, even though I didn't even notice it. lol.
  10. I think it can work and it would be super fun. I would say spawn on a bigger island with enough resources for about 10 people. Make the other islands bigger than usual so that the game will have plenty of resources.
  11. I didn't see Don't Starve Tales of Life and Death, so I'm just putting this here. Adventure Mode is fun! I've never played it before since I played the vanilla version. By the time I got the hang of that, Reign of Giants came out and took my attention. Then after I survived all seasons, DST came out and I played with my brother, then I went online. Suffice to say, didn't really do adventure mode in between them. Though like I said in another topic of mine, I'm getting trophies for my brother. I decided to give adventure mode a try and it's so much fun. I'm currently on World 3 with Archipelago and A Cold Reception under my belt. The level I'm currently on is Two Worlds and I'm looking forward to it.
  12. I'm playing to get trophies for my brother (he doesn't like the game, but he wants the trophies). I placed everything on default and it was horrible. I had to explore damn near the entire map to get 2 gears. I then decided to put the clockwork monsters on more and it started a new problem. It went from having to explore the whole map for a few clockwork pieces to "every breath you take, every move you make." That's ridiculous at this point. Can we suggest a happy medium? Like how about: default, more, a lot, everywhere. If you don't care for the phrasing everywhere, then just do: default, more, a lot.
  13. Those are growing pains. He'll eventually get better.
  14. Frog Rain

    To answer your last question: they don't go back in. They just stay there (at least they do on RoG). It's easier to make a bunch of traps and catch them all. Food for everyone.
  15. New Character

    More ideas - start off with a pickax - sanity boost in the caves/at night. - overheats easier