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  1. Research it. Google and YouTube is free.
  2. lol. Come back to me when you realize that astrology is more than just your sun sign. lol.
  3. When everyone listens to me and does exactly what I say and doesn't annoy me: - don't talk to me about stuff not pertaining to the game (like I really don't want to hear about a movie you saw or that time you went out with your friends) - don't follow me everywhere (I need personal space) - don't lag at the base (actually contribute) - no griefers - you're independent As for me personally: I personally had the most fun trying to overcome something. Like when I was trying to survive Winter and thinking of strategies to have enough food for it. Then I tried to last over 100 days on DS vanilla and it got boring for me. Soon, DS RoG came out and it was fun navigating Spring and Summer. Making umbrellas, straw hats, and a lot of nets for frogs in the Spring. Then making Ice Flingos, endothermic fire pit, and eventually going in the caves for Summer. I went into Shipwrecked and had a blast there. After all of that, DS:T came out, and I had to play with my brother and compliment his playing style with my playing style. Then we went online and played with different people and go new perspectives and learned new things. Those were the fun times. Hopefully Shipwrecked for DS Together comes out and I can play with my brother while learning new things from other people.
  4. Petition to allow us to put paper on the signs. Can we make them bigger as well? I personally would write big on the signs.
  5. I'm not going to debate or discuss astrology on a game forum of all places. I just made that list for fun because the forum was a bit dead, it really isn't that deep dude. Besides... I'm on another forum where I read people's whole charts and we all have healthy discussions about it. You know, open-minded people who are willing to learn something new.
  6. It could be possible that they were both Cancers as kids, but then Abigail died and was born in the time of Scorpio (rebirth and transformation for Scorpio) or a Pisces with Aries influence (since Pisces can be someone in the womb or a ghost); that would leave Maxwell as a Scorpio with Libra influences as well. Wendy, however, is a true Cancer and that's no debate.
  7. Sagittarius huh? My mom is a Sag.
  8. Probably a wet blanket sign.
  9. You're a Taurus? I'm a Taurus as well!
  10. I did the all night server with my brother. It was torture! We got everything good, but we didn't get an icebox to hold our meat. Not only that, but we died, after we left the caves, due to insanity. Sad thing was, we did EVERYTHING to raise our sanity: top hats and flower umbrella, cooking blue mushrooms, and cooking green mushrooms. It was torture with the balancing of health and sanity constantly (like no rest). Though on the bright side, it made playing the normal Don't Starve Together a lot easier.
  11. Even THAT is a Pisces trait. The conversation and debate of religion and spirituality. Also, he's magical and a mass manipulator. He was able to tap into what Wilson, and presumably the others, wanted and use that to play a trick on him. By the way... Just curious, what is YOUR zodiac sign?
  12. Guessing astrology signs is fun for me. I don't know, but I like it. I actually remember talking about their astrology signs in a comment I made. Though I felt like I got some of them wrong (I wasn't as well versed in astrology as I am now). Here is the improved list. Wilson: Libra. He is a gentleman and the epitome of balance. Very flexible and can adjust to any player and situation. Willow: Sagittarius. Not only is she brutally honest, but her lighter allows her to be adventurous. She doesn't need a base, she can literally go wherever she pleases. Wolfgang: Aries. Very competitive and a fighter at heart. He takes pride in his strength and taughts any foe he beats (clearly he loves winning!). Wendy: Cancer. Water signs in general are depressed and spiritual. Though Wendy has a huge attachment to her family. So much so that she literally brings her sister back to life. Also, she has a passive aggressive fighting style. Abigail: Scorpio. She died and got reborn. When she got reborn, she was transformed into a ghost. She is also very protective of Wendy and may aggro a random enemy in the game that she feels is a threat to her sister. WX-78: Aquarius. Of course he's an Air sign like Wilson, and they are both into science. Though he's like an Aquarius because Aquarius can be robotic with their feelings. Not only that, but he has an air of cruelty with him since he says that a person dying is because they weren't good enough (Remember that Aquarius is ruled by Saturn). Electric shocks power him up (Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus). Wickerbottom: Virgo. All Earth signs in general are great at gardening in general, but Taurus and Virgos are better than Capricorns. Though I get Virgo from her because she is knowledgable and Virgo is ruled by Mercury (the skills, communication, and intellectual planet). Not only that, but she's a Librarian (a Virgo career). Woodie: Taurus. This was hard between Wes and him to decide which Earth sign he is. I had to look at quotes and I think Woodie's a Taurus. He constantly eats (even logs) and his cursed form is him constantly eating. Then I look to his quotes. He has an attachment to Lucy much like a fixed sign. He prefers wood flooring, which is a Taurus trait since they like quality things, but not too flashy (the top hat is too flashy for him). He also likes pretty things (he hated turned beautiful coral into limestone) and cares about his looks somewhat (wardrobe and wanting to look nice, and then wanting to turn cloth into a shirt). Wes: Capricorn. It's hard to get a feel of his personality since he doesn't say much. Though I know he has to be an Earth sign because he's introverted and not spiritual. I thought he was a Virgo since he's reserved, but Wickerbottom is the Virgo. This leaves Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is about discipline and challenge. Capricorns have to work hard to gain success, because if they don't then they'll fail and have horrible consequences. Wes is exactly like that. You have to work hard to use him in the game, or you fail and lose (unlike the other characters who have a leg up somewhere). Maxwell: Pisces. Maxwell was a magician, which is a Pisces thing (they love magic). Not only that, but he makes references to God (with lifting the rock and the burning bush); Pisces are ruled by Jupiter (and Neptune), so they tend to be religious. Also, as a water sign, he's unfortunatly manipulative. He sold Wilson on a dream, and that's how Pisces scam and manipulate people. Wigfrid: Leo. Leos are dramatic and theater people. Wigfrid stays in character, except for a few moments, and actually becomes her character. Leos like to play a role, so many of them have promising careers as actors/actresses. She also has a taste for luxury (the beds) and has a lot of passion (reference to the heart; Leo also rules the heart). Webber: Gemini. Geminis are ruled by Mercury like Virgo, but they are air signs. A bit scattered and loves socializing. Talking and interaction is important to Webber since he seems sad that he doesn't fit in with the pigs and likes the spiders because he speaks their language.
  13. All games eventually slow down for a bit; it's normal. Especially since Klei hasn't really updated all that much, so less incentive to play.
  14. nerf whirly fan

    I'm always confused by the "plz nerf dis" crowd. Not only can you just not take advantage of something, but other people NEED it. If anything, make something easier. Like, do you know how many people die constantly online? Do you REALLY want to make the game harder knowing this?
  15. I always laugh about this. I remember playing the vanilla version and just leaving the Nitre on the ground. I thought it was so... USELESS. Though in Reign of Giants, I realized that I needed it for summer alone (endothermic firepit and ice flingos). In Don't Starve Together, for booster shots. I just find it funny how it's pretty much useless in the vanilla version, though it becomes a must have in ROG and DST.