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  1. I agree with the first and second bolded. You should NEVER have 2 Wolfgangs on one server. It's being wimpy at best and a horrible sabotaging competition at worst. When I see Wolfgang, I go as Wickerbottom. Also, I don't want more than 1 Wolfgang even as Wickerbottom. I want to look for things to build with and manage the base, not worry about feeding a pair of gluttons. I do like Wigfrid when I have Wolfgang, but my dream team is me as Wicker and the other person as Wigfrid, or me as Webber and the other person as Wendy/Abigail.
  2. Nope. I just connect the dots. Now was I wrong? No. Was everyone tired of this topic? Yes. The other thread proves it.
  3. To prove that I was the one in the right all along.
  4. In celebration of everyone FINALLY hating these type of threads, here's a throwback. It's a throwback to when everyone pretended they weren't tired of this topic. LMAO! I won't call anyone else out, but a lot of my comments are like this. People 'hate' them and rake me over the coals for them. Then a few weeks later, someone makes a comment similar to mine and gets love or no reaction at all. Maybe I'm ahead of the curve, or maybe y'all hate that the comments are from ME in particular. I wonder...
  5. Did you at least vote?
  6. I agree. I remember playing on Darkness mode and being nervous at how hard it sounds. Though when I played it, it actually wasn't hard. It's annoying because of how big it is, but it's easy overall.
  7. My favorite is Two Worlds because it's the easiest. You basically find that one wormhole that you can go back and forth through. After that, you pretty much stay on the "nice" island and stock up on resources and prototype things. After that, you go on the second island and all the Things are there. I can't believe how easy it is. My least favorite is A Cold Reception. Easily the worst level. It's the worst of King of Winter and The Game is Afoot combined. Harsh Winter like King of Winter along with scarce resources, and then you have the annoying rain like The Game is Afoot. Even worse is the fact that it's needlessly big (like I'll explore an area and it won't have a Thing at all). I literally dread this level. Archipelago and King of Winter are also easy and fun levels. The Game is Afoot is not hard, but it's pretty boring. Darkness isn't hard either, it's just annoying more than anything because it's dark and the level is big like A Cold Reception.
  8. Willow

    They probably do. Blame the "Nerf everything" crowd. They probably thought Willow was too OP and wanted to nerf her.
  9. [guide] Stop food spoilage

    Bring 3 Wolfgangs to your server. Make sure they all want to be mighty all the time. You'll never have to worry about food again.
  10. Help for beginners?

    It's 6 grass and 2 twigs. It's not that deep dude.
  11. Help for beginners?

    Keep your pinecones. Treeguards come if you cut too many trees without planting pinecones. Planting about 2-4 pinecones will make him docile. Another good thing would be if the hounds comes. That way you can lead them to the treeguard and he'll attack them. After that, he won't go after you at all. Keep torches out of the base if possible. If it's night, just put some stuff in the firepit and then replace the torch with something else or unequip. I can give you advice. How about using traps on spiders? If you use 1 spider meat with berries, veggies, and ice, then you can make meatballs. If desperate in Winter, use 1 spider/rabbit meat with 3 ice to make a meatball on the crock pot. You have to prepare for Winter. I would make an Alchemy Engine and then make a thermal stone (10 rocks, 3 flint, and a pickax). After that, I would make some traps to catch spiders and hope for 8 silk. After you get 8 silk, shave some Beefalo (torch and razor to shave at night) for 8 fur and then use the Alchemy Engine to make a Winter Hat. The thermal stone should heat up and then you'll travel for a while. Now it's not the best gear you can get, but it's simple and doesn't use a lot of resources. The best combo with Webber is Wendy. Though Wendy is generally for gathering a lot of resources and fighting mobs. The best at exploring and combat is Wigfrid or Wolfgang. I recommend Wigfrid though since Wolfgang needs a lot of food. Also, Wigfrid gets health from hitting enemies. The only problem is her meat only diet, but you can fish (2 silk and 2 twigs for fishing rod with Science Machine), make traps for spiders and frogs, etc. Lots of easy ways to get meat.
  12. It depends on your playing style. WX is easy to use if you care about exploring the map for gear people or camping out in the desert and picking tumble weeds for them. I personally only use gears for ice boxes, so I don't care to play as him.
  13. It's always been a problem. I remember calling out someone else who did a thread like this and I was practically raked over the coals for it. Though I guess people are ready to admit that they're tired of this topic now. Though I suspect it's because the person making the topic prefers Wolfgang over Wigfrid.
  14. I'm glad everyone agrees finally! This is a dead horse that's been beaten for a long time. I do forgive the OP though since they're new here and probably don't realize the extent to which this is discussed and dissected.