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  1. Let's talk about this Spider Hat

    LMFAO! This comment section had me cracking up. I hate that I missed this whole saga.
  2. I took such a long break that I missed this drama and now I'm catching up. Distance truly is a good thing at times...
  3. I joined a server on Don't Starve Together. I'm still getting trophies for my brother, and I got all the trophies for the Solo Don't Starve (I should make a thread on that later). My other brother and I got a lot of trophies playing by ourselves, and I decided to get the trophy for joining a match. Just a little background information before the story... I join a match and the guy camps by the Pig King. My other brother told me that it was a bad idea. Of course I had Wolfgang so it wouldn't bother me. However, when two Webbers entered the game, I realized how problematic it was. Pigs were constantly killing them (though I did get a trophy for reviving him, so that's nice). I had to build up wooden walls, and the pigs were constantly knocking them down. Eventually they left. I guess they got tired of running from the pigs and having to worry each time they came by our base (despite the walls).
  4. I never played Madness so I won't give my opinion there. It also depends on how needy are we talking... Extremely needy On Cooperative you shouldn't help them. It's Don't Starve TOGETHER with a collaboration, not the average group project in high school: I don't mind helping people, but I don't want a parasite either. On Social there isn't any harm. It's a relaxed playing style, so you aren't really there to beast on boss fights. You're literally there to talk and BS around. Just new Cooperative: still depends. If they can survive on their own and get around, then I see no harm. However, if they can't move around or need to stay in the base, then they need to play on their own. It's a taboo on these boards to say that new players need to play on their own at first, but it's true. It's like skating. If you're new but willing to learn, then I'll teach you how to balance and move. If you're new but know the basics, I'll teach you a few tricks. However, if you're new and just latch onto me, we're both going down. (This happened with my younger brother actually; he latched onto me randomly and we both fell). Social: same as social above...
  5. Ghost tree

    Someone must have been cutting down too many birchnut trees without replanting the nuts.
  6. how old is webber

    LMAO! Of course he's younger than 8! Can't you tell by his beard? lol. Though in all seriousness, I'd put in him his 30s. If not, then early 40s at the oldest.
  7. how old is webber

    About 8 years old. Though 10 years old at the oldest. His dialogue could only be said by a little kid to be honest.
  8. The hard part for me initially was telling the difference between The Game is Afoot and A Cold Reception. Though after that it wasn't hard. The key was to figure out which 4 ESSENTIAL items were needed and to craft things in the first world. My essentials were always a Winter Hat, Umbrella, silk, and healing salve. The only difference is world 4 since I bring a 100% mining hat, 100% lantern, bug net, and a stack of food that lasts a long time. If food is more important than take a 100% mining hat, bug net, and 2 stacks of food.
  9. How old is Wendy?

    I'd say about 10 or 11. Though fanart suggests that she's 16.
  10. I've said this many times. It would be best if they played on their own for a while (Vanilla or Reign of Giants, it doesn't matter). Just until they're able to collect food and not be co-dependent. Though for the most part, I don't mind giving a few pointers within reason. I just think there's no excuse for someone to act like a parasite and follow you around taking your loot. There's also no excuse for someone just sitting at the base. Of course I don't mind telling people how to do some things (like telling them to use spider traps or lure them out to tank them), telling them about mushroom, telling them how to make a spear, telling them to meet up to take the DeerClops together, etc.) I also don't mind doing certain things for them (making Winter Hats, armor, umbrellas, etc.). I agree with this, except for the Geckos. Nothing is wrong with the geckos, they just give free grass! Though I personally take disease off because I don't care to deal with it, and I base in the summer to avoid fires and Antlion (though new players won't know about basing in the caves).
  11. You can only love yourself if you're a 13 year old boy. You heard it here folks! I'm now the most famous person in this thread.
  12. I'm confused... Everything I do is quality, so I made the thread better. If I could like my own posts, that would be the icing on the cake. I added to the topic. I admired myself.
  13. Wendy is way too powerful. Please take Abigail away because she makes her OP.
  14. Throwback to when a few people got butthurt. LMAO! I LOVE looking at my old work. I'm quite brilliant and hilarious. *goes on to read my other posts and admire my own humor/brilliance.*
  15. Just play online with 2 or more Wolfgangs who ALWAYS want to be mighty. Problem solved. :~) Here's how to get a challenge for bored people! :~) - Host a server - Only invite Perma Mighty Wolfgangs and reckless Woodies who spawn tree guards - Make sure you have at least 2 of them (It'll be better with 3 though) and then have 2 reckless Woodies spawning tree guards. Bonus points for a clueless Wilson in the mix. - Though make sure you're ready for the challenge and chaos ready to come. Edit: It's only been like 30 minutes and I'm still in awe of how great this comment is. If only we could like our own posts...