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Quality of life improvements suggestions

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-having the bladder status displayed on the vitals tab, so you can quickly decide when it is best to manually empty the toilets. 

-being able to set storages to store materials that have been SEEN instead of available materials, so you can preemptively  have storages for things you haven't dig up just yet and they'll be ready. Also, have contaminated dirt storable by default ? So you don't have to wait for the first emptying to set the storage? 

-having auto-harvest on farming plots

-being able to rotate most building left and right. It can get really painful when infortunately the input and output of a water purifier are not the most convenient. 

-being able to set max values of storage in a container, so you can for exemple have quarter-full algae containers spread around your base. 

-being able, maybe somewhere in the options, to set a default priority on tools like digging , so people with certain habits regarding their priorities can be happy. 

-improve the duplicant's water picking up so they effectively gather their whole "need" in one go instead of doing trips with 10ml when water is less than 1 tile deep. 

-have some way for refining modules (mostly useful for the slime distiller) to set a required amount of production to be reached before duplicants gather them. Having dupes making trips with 1kg algae all the time is really not efficient. 


And that's all for me ! If you have yours, you could just slam them on here so we don't have 104504 topics on the same kind of suggestions, but hey as you wish. 

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2nd This list, bump. The kind of priority ranging would be amazing. I want O2 facilities to have max priority but not be over tended for a few grams of material! Goes for everything else really. Algae farm P9 only fill when at 50% full. The power slider for hamster wheel could use some clarification too, Just put it over a battery icon your wording confuses me, even if I know what you mean.

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I thought I'd point out that in factorio, you can't flip fluid ports (you can only rotate the structure). But the entire point of that game is making designs to solve logistic problems, so such a feature would slightly go against the point of designing it better in the first place, so that you don't need to flip them. I don't know at all if such an idea is relevant for the development of this game, but I thought I'd point it out.

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On 17/02/2017 at 1:04 AM, DNsingbanana said:

-being able to rotate most building left and right. It can get really painful when infortunately the input and output of a water purifier are

This is not only a good idea, but should be relatively easy to implement.

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Honestly, my wants and needs are a little different I think?  Maybe some coincide...

1.  Would love sprinklers for algae terrariums, and saw somewhere in forums about plants being natural CO2 scrubbers...  I somewhat agree that the plants do not nec. make o2 (not all plants make o2, but all plants need carbon).

2.  A hopper attachment on certain machinery or a conveyor for resources... dupes spend the majority of the time on delivery missions and fully researched colony dupes are barely able to take on additional tasks at colony size 10.

3.  Air circulation in a room.  Small pockets of non-breathable air tend to hover over the beds of dupes and interrupt sleep.  Managing stress in this situation has become a nightmare.

4.  Water Tanks.  Dupes become stressed and pollute water (or sometimes die in water...oops!) and having to leave open so they can get to it is rough.

5.  Diagonals/planes.  Having a slant to run water off of or perhaps create your own hill to roll resources into a catch-all or something.

6.  Micromanagement... being able to click on one dupe and telling him to drop what he is doing and do a specific task would be cool...but I set this for last because maybe dev does not want this?

Either way, still a freaking awesome game and I'm hooked...can't wait for new stuff!!!

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Holy crap, yes to all of this. Especially that default priority thing. I like to set all of it to 3 and making many jobs go one above this and slowly work my way up to a priority 9 job for like the farming and other quick, but important jobs.

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