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  1. I use passive mechanics to prevent food to spoil. Even with food at -12C and ration box with status refrigerated this process occurs. Every new food put to ration box have 'spoil ratio' and temperature of food already put in it. This lead to spoil everything in it if dupes don't take all food from it. To prevent this I moved food to second ration box near it (close temperature). Food put in the ration box have reseted temperature (about 18-20C) and different spoil ratio. But doing this again (taking food back to first box) I get near same food spoil ratio at first box and reseted temperature too. Spoil ratio is ration box attribute ? Can we have more complex system there? Food is precious now
  2. again ... No matter what dupe I choose. output_log.txt
  3. Just wait for 'steam' . That is crazy.
  4. for replacing seeds: disable/lower priority for overal heat building (making steam not help I recomend puting plants in far end of asteroid near cold stones. It helps a lot.
  5. Low battery + high priority - and they can runn all day and night
  6. Same can happen with water or any usable item. Just set lower priority at it and your base start running again.
  7. For now stress thing is good and only way to keep your base running Just get dupes with - vomit as stress response, keep it at 100% and you have water at your base infinity running If developer change stress dependecy as more oxygen usage and/or food usage, things may change.
  8. In the long run temperature kill your dupes. Not water, lack of oxygen or sand. High temp -> no plant -> no food. But if you crative you can find very cool areas in asteroids and magane farm there. Now you can be alive forever
  9. This 'bug' isn't bug from algae plants itself. Dupes taking 1000g of clean water from buged - mixed clean/containmated spots of water. They take ONLY 1000g and deliver it. Because this - this take long timeand dupes do only this. You can set low priority at plants and your base start working again.. but without oxygen production
  10. When you change sound device after game is running - game still use old one.
  11. At this moment your asteroid is doomed. Dupes taking water all day and died via to high stress or 'no oxygen'. There must be 'switch' to tell dupes - don't take 503g clay and put it into the box. Go and find more and then put it into the box. With water is same deal. Water consumption is too high for now.