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  1. Others have gone into better detail than I have but Plz give us some room and base blueprinting systems so the hours we put into this feel like it's been worth it and not always a retrograde struggle. We all have our perfect or maximal efficient designs or just a consistent nice looking dorm for my Dupes might be what some want. Tile based selection, BP library, edit screen/ so material choices can be easily made n changed. I mostly want to shake the boat on this topoic, it could greatly improve long term user experiences. In the last few month of not playing ONI avidly, the though of having to remake all my rooms how I liked them to work was a drag. PS. Be fun to see that wonderful title screen had some interactive bits, poke a critter, or dupe some buttons, make some things happen. And some kinda of post failed colony maps or ability to end up exploring one of your old worlds :Dc that could be really nuts, the world refills shifts containers explode contents back into the world who knows, or just find some old rooms in a new map u make, be a weird connecting aspect that could be DLC or mods. And Super fails where duped die in almost comic fashion, bad miner causes a collapse, bad cook falls into oil/get caught in musher! Falls off ledge into lava....
  2. Yes this type of thing, i'm pissed i need to painstakingly look at screen shots to re-produce my favored layouts, with material selection options id be very happy. Worse yet having to later work in space for crossing utilities when i have already done that on my last 300+ day game >,<