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  1. Here is a video of this bug in action. resolved by manually assigning a move command
  2. my oxidizer broke and the dupes are trying to repair it, but each time it fails and the 'damage' bar drops back down to zero. No matter how many times they try, they can't fix it. I tried deconstructing and building a new one and it worked until it broke again. They can't repair it. attached video and save game ONI_break.mp4 Car
  3. My duplicants make the 'cold' noise and display the cold icon when the ambient temperature is over 30° i haven't noticed any pattern to when they do it. there is no water or cold tiles in the vicinity, but it's happening across lots of different biomes.
  4. I have a gas valve that continuously outputs oxygen, even when I deconstructed the incoming pipe. I restarted game and bug was still present. It only stopped producing/cycling gas once I deconstructed the exit pipe, but resumed as soon as it was rebuilt, even with nothing attached to the input side of the valve. attaching video-of-bug and save-file ONI_gas.mp4 Intergalactic