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  1. Ooh, I see what you're saying, for some reason I thought you were commenting on the fact that it's multiplicative instead of additive. (I would prefer they make this fact clearer, by adding words "of base value" or something. But I appreciate that they didn't make it a percentage, it always bugs me when games do that... not every coefficient less than 1 has to be displayed as "percent", after all.) I agree it should be changed as you say, so that better materials don't make negative decor worse. At worst, material quality should make no difference for negative decor items, and at best they should improve it. Like you say, base + |base|*bonus instead of base*(bonus+1).
  2. I don't see a problem with this. Maybe to make it clearer, it should say something like "+0.20 of base value" instead of just "+0.20".
  3. I doubt it, that's probably the memory leak, hah. (edit: There is also a performance leak, now that I specifically looked for it. But the memory leak is probably what causes it to eventually freeze.) RX 470 graphics, FX-6300 at 4.6 GHz, the game should be trivial to run. It makes sense that a pre-alpha will perform badly, but something is very wrong with the overlays, especially the power grid one. Even when the game is paused, it runs 3 CPU cores at ~50% and frame rate is about one-third of what it usually is. (No physics calculations are being done when paused.) Of course, it runs the CPU like that even without the overlays, but then the frame rate is higher.
  4. I am pretty sure they won't go farther than the point which forces them to drop halfway to suffocating before they resurface. But, I have noticed before that sometimes the ladder hits the bottom and the pathing only goes out one tile on the floor in either direction, when the water is not that deep, less than 10 meters.
  5. When I turn on the "power grid" overlay, there is a large frame rate drop which is proportionate to the amount of electrical things (wires, presumably) on the screen at the moment. So, zooming out allows more wires, which drops it the most. None of the other overlays do this, only power grid. IGNORING COAL GENERATOR (ARU).sav edit: Framerate seems to drop with all of the overlays, actually. It only runs at about 50 fps normally when zoomed out, but the wire overlay drops it to about 18. The overlays all hurt significantly, but not nearly as much (as the power grid overlay).
  6. My game always pushes up to max memory usage eventually. I have 8 GB installed, it goes up to ~7.8 GB working, between 8.1 and 8.4 GB private. I'm reporting three bugs with the same save file, so I guess I will upload it three times. IGNORING COAL GENERATOR (ARU).sav edit: And yes, it did this just now, fully up to date.
  7. I'm having the same problem. File attached. IGNORING COAL GENERATOR (ARU).sav
  8. I am totally okay with using mass instead of volume. I mean, if we were using volume, then every single tile of water except the surface would say 1000L, and that would not exactly be informative... . There are terrible physics issues with the fluids currently, especially the liquids, sometimes I have 2500 kg in one tile, which in real life is a physical impossibility. And, I think it's causing it to destroy liquids, which should never happen. In any case, the mass unit is more useful than a unit of volume. Units of volume which are well-defined, are pretty much all defined indirectly by mass. I like physics, and there's not much point showing us units of volume when you could instead be showing us units of mass. So, please keep everything on the same universal unit, kg.