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Just me scribbling...in space without oxygen!

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2 minutes ago, MilleniumCount said:

Fixing like better pic? Or something different. Because on my phone it looks not terrible ^^.

Problem is I'm at vocational school most of the day. And using the phone for this is...not optimal

Nah, the thing is that the link is broken (at least to us) :p

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2 hours ago, MilleniumCount said:

Oh noooo...

I will fix this at home, with my pc. Stupid phone, link stupid broken pffff 

I feel your pain, brother, happened with a gif I shared once, I found it weird no one acknowledged it until Quoth pointed out it was broken xD

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5 hours ago, minespatch said:

What's that machine? I can't play the game due to not having money, so yeah.

It's a manual generator. Dupes are running like a hamster to generate energy for the machines. You could call it Tier 1 (this is funny because Tier means animal in german, hamster...animal....anyone.... XD)

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