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Suggestion Twiggy tree!

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I really like the new twiggy trees. It's a great add on that create variety for the first tier ressources. 

When you chop the twiggy tree, it takes 15 hits, drops 2 twigs, 1 log and 2 cones. Thats good, but it seems kinda laborious for 2 twigs. An alternative could be: 5 hits --> drops a twig, 5 hits --> drops a twig --> 5 hits --> 1 log and 2 cones. 

It makes sens as the twigs are fragile and already sometime fall by them self. In early game when you dont need the cones you could have 2 twigs with 10 hits and save a bit of time.

Just an idea I had to share. Who's with me?! comments?

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What you're saying OP sounds nice, although at the end nothing is really changed about the twiggy trees. I'd suggest instead of a twig every 5 hits the tree should have a 20% chance to drop a twig with every chop. That way people get less salty about twiggy tree worlds <.<


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It is perfectly reasonable to have only a few twigs drop because like you said, twigs are very fragile and will break easily. Broken twigs aren't quite useful. Though, while it is unlikely that individual twigs drop from a tree, it is more likely to have entire branches fall off when chopping them. However, you should consider that branches are technically not twigs, so it still makes sense to only have a few twigs drop.

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