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[Game Update] - (BETA) 197463

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  • Developer
  • Fixed bug where wilted Flowers on End Tables did not save properly.
  • Fixed missing Snow animations on Mushroom Planters.
  • Toadstool will no longer target Hutch after all Players are dead.
  • Increased range for Ice Flingomatic range indicator to stay visible while placing other structures or plants.


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  • Developer
1 hour ago, mrxarous said:

Snow is showing on non-fertile mushfarms even when in other seasons. Fertilizing them fixes the problem. Just a head's up.

Thanks! This has been fixed in 197463.

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2 hours ago, minespatch said:

So the snow seasons are being implemented to mushrooms?

They already impacted mushrooms, they were just missing their snow covered texture to tell you couldn't use it, however you could still use quotes to tell that you couldn't use.


SNOWCOVERED = "I don't think it can grow in this cold.",


Edited by GiddyGuy
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I am disappointed as mushrooms farm rot during winter. I personally plant them as decoration but it now doesnt last all year long :(

Hope that it works like normal farm as in it doesnt grow further and stay at its current state during winter, instead of becoming rot.

Now I only plant mushrooms when I need to actually use them, but meh :/

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