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  1. For those not celebrating No Shave November, duh.
  2. I was playing on the beta today with some friends and noticed that I could get endless souls with grass traps and moleworms. Worked penned and in the wild. Whether buried and tunneling or "stunned" during the day with their heads poking out. (No server or client mods were enabled in the testing clip.) Quick Video Proof:
  3. We had multiple people testing and tried grilled nose meat, bat nose, electric milk (different values), seaweed (all types), monster meats, regular meats, twigs, batilisk wings (raw and cooked), shrooms, jerky, drumsticks, and so much more. I don't know if it is fully implemented yet tbh.
  4. Imagine if it was a homage to Martha Mödl (the double Ms).
  5. You understand those that are making new skins aren't the same team coding RoT in most cases, right?
  6. And here I got excited for another useless hauling thing my bad. I guess these allergies are affecting my head a little too much
  7. Is Ro Bin coming? If it is I'd love a idle animation so the old one I have can be tossed it was crap quality gif.
  8. New Twitch drop for Shadow Manipulator coming?
  9. I think when something was done with Walter's code it broke MacTusk and their attacks. Right now you can run into your triple Mac biome and aggro all of them. They will play the animation of their attack but not do any damage to you. Their hounds still bite, but their darts don't land. Please look into it, thanks!
  10. Currently if you have items in Woby and change characters it makes all the items disappear in the void. If changing back to Walter and Woby spawns back she is empty. If this is intended as a new void-enhanced trashcan feature, thanks! If not could you please look into having Woby drop everything upon despawning when character swapping? Thanks!
  11. It appears, possibly, that if you have treasure revealed on your map and someone shares their map with you through Cartographers (when you read it) it might clear all of your treasures that were previously revealed.
  12. We just had it happen live on stream as well. Both a sail and a chest magically planted themselves in the water like similar bug reports. We also found a lightning rod. Just magically left the boat while it was in motion.
  13. Don't exhaust yourself in such trying times. I love helping and it's a beta branch after all, that's what we are suppose to do. Break it for you. XD