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  1. If you want to have access to mods, yes. Easier skin drops and imo better controls, yes. If not, no.
  2. Telelocator staff without focus and got good rng on the random poof?
  3. Are these new? People getting spools from the Klei account redeem for spools?
  4. There are stories to inform and stories to entertain as yourself on the animated shorts most are there to entertain and not necessarily inform players of the true nature of the character being refreshed or introduced. Klei does this often in the years they worked on Don't Starve as a whole. If you were around for the updates to the base game in days past they were always introduced through shorts/art/posts that were more entertainment than informative and left for the player to discover what comes next. For lore, yes staff has come and go, but let's not forget that recently Klei has had openings specifically for DS(T) lore writers. They may have been more general, or tight lipped about canonical lore, because they don't want to pigeonhole players into a certain story or play style. You play an avatar stuck in the Constant, you create your stories, hopefully with those poor souls stuck with you. Go make the story what you want it to be. We'll have to wait and see what happens when Return of Them is fully fleshed out and implemented. And if you look at the history of Klei and the way they respond and build their games, their worlds, their content it is always with the best intentions and with the patience of listening and trying to understand their customer base. Few game devs/publishers do that at the level Klei does.
  5. Also had people relogging on the server after server reboot with low stats gained max stats once loaded and could be possible between caves to over world
  6. Whoops I had dumb brain and crossed my wires, shouldn't post before I had coffee. Solid month even. Thanks for catching my dumb. Sorry bout that.
  7. 2016: October 18 - November 82017: October 30 - December 42018: October 25 - December 3 I doubt it will be as long as 2016 look for a solid week at least. 31st or November 2nd is a good possibility of its end. Unless they let it run a little longer while prepping Winter's Feast stuff. Once added you can always make a world with it turned on forever and I believe if you're PC player there are mods to turn events on and off out of season too.
  8. Wurt

    Klei used to give a lot more news until the fanbase and community turned toxic every time they had to delay something or it didn't originally line up with the estimated time. They stopped a lot of the communication so they didn't have to be the victim of toxic blowback. It will come.
  9. Wurt

    They just changed the stream's title so people will know it won't be a dev stream w new character or Hallowed Nights.
  10. Wurt

    Klei streams Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30 PDT
  11. Wurt

    Who knows they could flip the switch just after the dev stream in two hours... Surprises are the best.
  12. I think many forget that DST is based of the same lua that Don't Starve was built on. It's old and outdated, but that's what we have to work with. I would love one day for DS/DST to be remade with modern engine to help with AI, memleaks, and more but it's not going to happen. Klei is still an indie company that don't have the manpower or profits to fund a complete overall or remastered in Unity or similar. If they changed the AI brains of mobs, Abigail, and more it would be great and I am sure they think this, but maybe at this time the system/foundation this game is built on could not sustain such changes or improvements. Keeping it simpler might keep the game open to a larger player base.
  13. So you got DST for free because of the seller refunding you and you still want Klei to give you vouchers for a game you technically didn't pay for, since it was refunded? I'm confused. Use the refunded money to purchase said content for yourself?
  14. These two ideas were drawn out by my friend Catstar back in Jan of 2017 and I still would love to see it happen.
  15. Title says it all. Hotfix wasn't applied to beta branch, cheers!