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  1. Anyone encountered bugs already? It seems like not very stable and developers are not very confident too.
  2. If you want to make it disappear, you can burn it. But first dig it up with a shovel and burn at somewhere else safe. Kind of disappointed by the new mini sign though. I thought it will not use up any space, something like attaching to your existing chest. However, it did use quite some space, which I currently cant implement to my chest zone.
  3. I have a beefalo pen, and a salt lick in the middle. Problem is when I feed and mount the saddle on the beefalo, and then I go and do other stuff elsewhere, after a while the beefalo will unmount the saddle and the saddle loses durability. Does this mean the beefalo is losing domestication level? Is this intended by the developer? Because i thought that having salt lick will always keep my beefalo "tamed". Edit : I have problem understanding OP post actually. Sorry.
  4. I am disappointed as mushrooms farm rot during winter. I personally plant them as decoration but it now doesnt last all year long Hope that it works like normal farm as in it doesnt grow further and stay at its current state during winter, instead of becoming rot. Now I only plant mushrooms when I need to actually use them, but meh :/