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day 331 Worst day ever


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Waitwait wait. you put spider nests near your camp, and you thought it was a good idea to attack the nests? Just pick off the spiders that go near your camp, you should get enough silk from that.

i was going out for spider nest eggs:P

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this is why i keep my effigy's spaced out with a gear bag next to them with some flint, grass, logs, log armor, some honey, and a spear/axe. Everything i need to go remake a base somewhere else if stuff goes sideways fast. My Run for your life bag

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yah thats what im thinking about doing to I did it close so i could pick up my stuff after i died, because i planned to have bees in my inv, so when i die the bees avenge my death and i could safely get my stuff. But this time i didn't have my bees with my because of inv space:P

Note to self, when death is imminent run AWAY from your camp with the meat effigies.

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