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  1. Hey guys.. now sleep at night takes you 100 of your food. i think that is too much '-'
  2. Yeah.. i think about it. I'm usin all manure i have (9 stacks) to make as many turbo farming i can. i will use the rot to re-fertilize them... is a good way out.
  3. Well.. So try to sugest me what to do. i do not have 10 chests of food.. but have 4. i already research everythin and have no king pig in my map. what do with my food?
  4. Why u don't use that for research points and search all thins? '-'
  5. Nah... It requires an extra number of bad lucky! =D
  6. In what part of the turf trailer was the tip for deerclop?
  7. I don't know if the Red gems can be picked in graves.. but they drop from hounds. Pretty rare, i only drop 2..