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  1. U did not really beat the game if you didn't beat the players in it:D
  2. So i dont know hwat happend but im using chrome (mac) and i did something wich made me endlesly walk forward (w) Now im on the edge of the map and cant make a fire im going to die, i cant make an torch either?? what is happening, and can someone tell how to make a back-up on chrome?
  3. Sooo... I had this idea that you could make a bin of 10 planks and some ropes. U could put grass in here and u can fill it to 40 grass, if you leave it in there for 30 days, you can harvest it and get the same thing as manure, but a bit better, this will be very usefull for people who have beefalos very far away, and for people have have a huge grass farm
  4. hounds are really op cuz there no good health thing to eat:(
  5. it didnt update yet im on chrome help me anyone ( the hotfix)
  6. i didnt get the update yet (the hotfix) is googleland out agian or something?
  7. i am , it all already turned into rotten, im just finding out how to store food without it spoiling, im using crock pots, farms, got 10 chest full of birds and rabbits-.-
  8. I dont want to share my base since im ashamed of it, but my food and gold ill share:P
  9. what would be embarresing if i traded all this meat and the spoilage was removed
  10. so being the smart person i am i traded all my meat to the pig king....,, cuz its gna spoil anyways, im on 1/4th of my meat rite now