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  1. Can you eat them? If so how much do they heal/reduce health hunger and sanity?
  2. Turn Monster meat into eggs? How do i do this?Anyways Now that im more used to it Winter isn't TOO bad as long as you can find beefalo (Also i learned that Beefalo hat was warmer than winter hat so that helped alot) and now that they fixed Koalephant trails so that they don't go over oceans and other stupid crap.I feel like theres certainly alot of stuff you kinda have to do real fast before winter arrives though. I still haven't found the pig king in my world nor do i know where any Igloo camps are so i suppose i won't be getting a Tam o" Shanter this winter (Probably wouldn't be able to get it anyways since i forgot to stock up for fire darts, that bugger kites you with blow darts he's really annoying to fight without fire darts...), but i did get all the way up to my meat effigy and i have a shadow manipulator already.Idk, my only complaint right now even though the game seems harder than ever is that the worlds are too big and that it takes too long to find everything you need sometimes.
  3. Why? Everything about winter discourages turtling. (Deerclops breaking structures, farms stop producing). Stockpiling necessitates turtling, while the type of winter they made promotes a nomadic lifestyle, especially in conjunction with the increased spoilage rates.
  4. Personally i think Winter is too harsh on Sandbox right now (or at least for new players it is), mostly due to how wonky world generation seems to be. Beefalo are either hit or miss, sometimes you can find them sometimes not. If you cant find them you're basically screwed for winter. (Also how come like all the tallbirds are gone? Theres only 1 on my map and it hasn't laid a single egg in 50 days.Considering how much tougher hound attacks are now for new players with how weak the spear is now and then at day 20 they get sent into winter mode where they can't even go out and kill rabbits if they don't have winter clothing i think that'd be pretty un fun for most people. I'd say push winter back like 10 days on default sandbox really.
  5. Please don't make it so that nothing grows during winter at all... Winter is already obscenely boring. If you removed planting trees and twigs and grass growing then there would be NOTHING to do during winter except hire pigs to kill stuff for you and kill rabbits and birds... And then when summer is back you would be forced to do mostly just stockpiling for the winter since you cant get anything during winter.Im down for difficulty, but not if it means restricting all the choices a player has and forcing you to play the game only 1 way.Even now winter already forces some very strict goals as to what you need to accomplish before winter arrives or your chance of survival is almost none.
  6. This was basically my first winter experience. I couldn't find beefalo so i couldn't get winter clothing which basically meant slow starving freezing death stuck in my camp.2nd time around i regenerated world and did double time to find the beefalo to make sure i had a winter hat. Using this in combination with making lots of small camp fires just running around the world collecting food and grass and twigs and cutting trees every so often. (The planting a tree and lighting it on fire works fine too, usually did this when i didn't have food to cook). It wasn't exactly hard but it wasn't fun either. I felt like i couldn't do anything except wait for it to be over. My suggestion for winter is make it so that freezing is more...interactive or something. As of now theres very few counters. With night time being so long i guess its more helpful to farm spiders in the winter but other than that there isn't much Winter specific fun. Sanity is fun for me because its interractive and i feel i have control over it. Winter is just something thrust upon me and there is very little i can do to mitigate its effects on the game and it offers almost nothing new and fun to do and get (An upgraded winter hat and a blow dart and an ice staff? And i didn't even run into any ice hounds or the walruses on my first winter, so i got none of the new goodies anyways)
  7. I dunno about you but wandering around in the winter going from fire to fire doing almost nothing but collecting from berry bushes and killing rabits for 16 days ( like 2 hours) isn't the epitome of fun. I get that this is a survival game and i enjoy it being hard, i just want it to be fun as well. Winter as of right now is super restrictive and takes forever it feels like. Its even MORE restrictive if you didn't get lucky enough to find beefalo to make a winter hat.I mean think about it, you cant fight anything because you'll freeze to death if you put on armor and you'll die if you put on warm clothing. You can't farm anything, you can't collect bees or get butterflies or cook most of the recipe's in the game during winter. All you can do is collect food during winter really.
  8. Well i stopped playing for a long while after the Spoilage update and came back recently for the Insanity and Winter double whammy.Basically what the game boils down to now is that Winter is long and boring and hard and that you can't really fight anything anymore without dieing. The came still isn't super hard to survive if you know what you're doing but i died my first run through at around day 30 in winter because i had never found any beefalo so i couldn't make a winter hat and there were almost no rabbits on the map for me to find... I survived like 10 days of winter sitting in my base throwing boomerangs at birds.Farms feel kind of useless now, as does the crock pot. It almost feels pointless to even bother building a base because the deerclops will come wreck it and you can't sustain in it anyways. Best strategy is still to have Pigs and beefalo kill each other. Trap strategy on spiders doesn't work too well anymore because of the webbing on the ground (you can still do it with boomerang though). I like beardlings. I forced myself to insanity point (nearly at least) by jumping in and out of wormhole to farm beardlings, got a Night Sword (which is sick good, i like that its renewable and does alot of dmg and rewards good micro because if you switch it on and off then the sanity loss is negligible. Though knowing my luck once you read this you'll be like "NERF!") and a meat effigy.Winter just felt really long and boring though. All i had to do was wander around the map exploring and collecting grass and twigs and killing rabbits and stuff. You can't explore swamps in winter because its too dangerous. Only fun thing i managed to do was hire some pigs to go kill a tier 3 spider nest during winter that turned into a spider queen. I kinda got lucky that it was an Abigail night, she helped me kill the queen after all the pigs died.Still can't find a Koalephant, it feels impossible what with the tracks leading to dead ends and disapearing altogether at times. Is there any reason pigs are so obnoxious to fight now? I used to like to make werepigs on purpose to get guaranteed pig skins but it seems almost counter productive now because of how annoying it is to fight them. I mean i'll lose half of my Helmet and a bunch of health just to kill 1.Hounds are ALOT harder than they used to be though. my best bet was to distract them with other things. The last time they arrived tho they like insta killed the Tallbird i led them to. Idk how im going to survive them as i get near the point i used to be (100+ days). Bee mines i guess? Later followed by tooth traps i suppose. Feels like i get less teeth now.
  9. It's this. By watering down the experience you're only catering to an audience that the game was never DESIGNED for to begin with. What they wind up getting is a very poor sandbox game and what we wind up getting is a very poor survival game. Contrary to popular belief maximum amount of options does NOT make for a better game, all you wind up getting is a game that's spread far too thin trying to cater to people who really don't even like the genre of the game that you're trying to make. It is entirely counter productive for an indie game to do this. They should focus on making the very best experience for an unforgiving survival game like they advertised rather than making some watered down pseudo sandbox... thing... to try and pull players from other genres. It is a waste of very limited resources to do so.
  10. if your intention is for spoilage to be a factor for healing foods then you need to take a look at honeyed ham, the easiest food in the game to make that takes an obscenely long time to spoil and heals like half your HP and Hunger each one. Like i said in the other post , i was litterally running around for a week with no armor taking hits from spiders gettin knocked down to under half hp, running away eating a ham and then right back into the fray. If it weren't for the fact that Spider Queens get exponentially more difficult when they are in groups the fight would of been trivial for healing. As it was i was just running around them for giggles laughing at the massive amount of spiders and leading them into beefalo packs and such. While this was quite fun the biggest challenge i had was keeping enough grass on hand so that i could sleep through the long boring nights. Even if i had died then it wouldn't of mattered because i have 9 meat effigies at home anyways. (You really need to make it so that you can only have 1 at a time or that if they don't get used up then they like come alive and try to kill you after a while, sayyy 30 days or so? That way you'd have to atleast pay attention to how long they've been up and dismantle them when the danger comes near and rebuild, using up some additional resources, or just make them right before a dangerous journey)
  11. On this note, with how much HP honeyed ham and even just cooked meat, i just spent a whole week in game STRAIGHT kiting around 5 spider queens with no armor, a hound attack came mid way through i kited those to some angry beefalo who took care of em for me. The point is that there is so much HP regen in this game i could litterally just take hits willy nilly, the only reason i actually went home when i did rather than hanging around and waiting for the few remaining queens to turn back to rank 1 dens is that i ran out of grass to make sleep rolls, not HP and Food. Honeyed Ham is so obscenely good and it STACKS, and its ridiculously easy to make as well. On that note, i know everyone's been wanting beefalo to respawn for AGES, but i think you need to nerf their respawn rate. As it is right now every 3 days i hire my 6 pigs, tell them go attack a herd, they almost all kill each other and i can get like 20 beefalo wool (Which is nearly useless now, i just dropped 40 of it into my research machine for giggles) and 30 meat at 0 risk to me. And those beefalo will be back before i even notice their absence practically. Also why does Wilson's beard give more hairs now? I stopped making meat effigies at 9 but i could have like 10 more if i wanted to make them right now and the number just keeps rising even faster because of the rate his beard grows. Wayyyy too strong.
  12. Note to self, when death is imminent run AWAY from your camp with the meat effigies.
  13. Well things like the spider queen and tree guard don't actually appear unless you do something specific. You'll never see a spider queen unless you go up to a fully evolved spider den, if there isn't one by your base the queen will never spawn. Tree guards also don't spawn untill you cut down enough trees to randomly spawn them. But mostly i agree, right now theres just a lack of content to go out and do, the game doesn't discourage you from doing the content unless you're afraid of dieing which defeats the purpose. It's already super easy to get a meat effigy if you rush for it which is all the security you can ask for.