(suggestions) sea slurtles & sea snurtles

sea slurtles & sea snurtles?  

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They would look just like regular slurtles except they would have blue skin and the sea snurtles would have cone-shaped shells  

The sea slurtle mound would look the same except it would be blue and the spikes would be replaced by cone-shaped shells 

And the sea snurtles could shoot little venomous spines (like the venomous cone snail) and it could only be cured by eating a rare flower the can be found growing on a vine that grows around some jungle trees and when you pick the flower it will grow back in about a week but if you chop down the tree it's growing on the plant will die  

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I actually really like the idea! I love the shells in which you hide.

However, people are already annoyed by all the reskins this game brought. And by bringing another one..?

Maybe, it could be a different creature, in oceans, that um..dives underwater when approached (approached, like the running of koalephant) that drops shell pieces which combine to for snurtle and slurtle shells.

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16 hours ago, aukingiii said:


It seems you can't delete a quote once you've started it. This isn't meant to be a reply directly.

I think it would be better of they were randomly spawning mobs like ballphins instead of having a spawner. Rather than being something you know you can repeatedly return to and farm, they would be something that you are excited to come across while sailing the sea

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Considering that DS likes to use combonations of 2 animals how about an Armored Sea Cucumber?

For reference this is a Sea Cucumber


And no this is not a Vegteable this is in fact a Marine Animal.

Basicly you could add a Shell at it and make it look like a SLurtle however maybe make it behave a bit differently to those. For example they could only show up when you throw fishmeat or spoiled fish near the ocean (not inside near) to feed on it (real Sea Cucumbers also feed on dead matter so it would make sense).

Just a random idea otherwise we could also go with something like a Sea Urchin type creature.

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