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  1. Book Club

    I'm currently reading The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. I would be more interested if the ending hadn't been spoiled.
  2. It's great having optional bosses, but a survival game like Don't Starve should really pressure you to go to the limit. Bosses that track you down are one of the biggest reasons RoG is so well liked (IMO). So, how about introducing new bosses. I'm not saying season specific only, maybe bosses which have a chance to spawn upon performing a simple action (like cutting grass), sort of like the Tiger Shark. Maybe make them start having a chance to spawn from year 2 onwards, when you already have the pith hat and gas masks (which make the seasons easy to deal with). And please make one the bosses (any) have a drop that is used to make a bigger backpack, I'm always short of space because I carry all the tools.
  3. I'm in the foggy season so the rain is plentiful. I've driven away most pangoldens, and the entire biome is run over by killer plants. Does it matter if all the biomes where pools spawn are tiny?
  4. One nectar per honey or one nectar per box?
  5. My world has no sparling water and it hasn't spwaned any in 10 days. Should I kill all the pangoldens? Who will poop out gold at twice the efficiency then?
  6. She's a ghost! Who floats! And she doesn't activate tooth traps, then why should she activate traps?
  7. The Ballphin Palace only spawns one ballphin when built. The naturally occuring ones spawn many. And the ballphins run far, far away follow the sting rays and never come back, I have to travel about 5 screens away to kill them for them to respawn and do the same thing (even though there are no sting rays where the palace is).
  8. So far I've been killing the squirrels using Abigail which is slow work.
  9. There is a retrievable boat made from cork in Hamlet. It has about 70(or90) durability.
  10. What's a good renewable meat source? And how do I capture a bird for my birdcage?
  11. Wendy is pretty good. She makes quick work of the bats, she kills the spider gorillas and the squirrels.
  12. This closed beta is a mess

    I don't get why you didn't subscribe. Could you explain it again? As far as I understand, I also come from India, a non-English speaking country, but I subscribed for the beta because there was no mention of the beta being given to some countries and not to others (and if there was, Klei would have been a dead company due to all the backlash)
  13. Is there any way to convert 10 oincs into a tenpiece oinc?
  14. When I clicked on the empty glass case (which usually harbours items to buy), the game crashed.