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Derping around when suddenly ...:eek:

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Heart swamp :D

Well sorry for wasting your time, but I felt like sharing this useless thing with you guys. Just got my Don't Starve copy after endless tf2 trades :p I love the game and love you all guys <3

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I found a swamp that was basically one tile big, but it still managed to spawn a pond. It was literally a single pond on the middle of plains!

It was the best base ever, something to do during the night and fresh froggie sandwiches every morning.

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You mean I can actually get real money for my useless vintage items from TF2??

Yea, kinda. I started in october after I got my premium, bought 3-4 keys, wasted them on crates of course, then I don't even remmember I got some vintage items and a bunch of geniunes from trades. Afterwards I started trading for Christmas items and after I finally got a Merc'sMuffler + a Festive buff banner I traded both for this AWESOME GAME :D

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