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  1. I'm not really liking the graphics for food spoilage, examining the food to see it's rot state would be much more elegant. Hope that's not final, like the Turf graphics weren't.
  2. I figured this needs a bit more details. This was in TEST world generation, after the Turf update. Here I provide a save of the world in question, for dev testing. http://puu.sh/1NPks I believe this happens because although the island generation correctly cuts off islands when they reach the borders of the world, bridges don't respect that restriction, connecting you to outside the playing area.
  3. It appears that the sea believes itself to be land. Wilson and I are colonizing this place.
  4. I disagree, the world is infinite. I've reached the cosmos outside the islands, it's water all the way down. The sea eventually stopped following me, though... I'm not sure where I am, but thankfully birds can still find their way here, and in fact drop seeds as regular land.
  5. The problem with Don't Starve, as I feel it, is that I've never actually starved. There are big threats, such as spiders, hounds and tentacles, but food itself is never a problem. Get a lot of monster meat from killing spiders and cook it in a crock pot, just eat it raw and set up a bee box in less than a day, bully pigmen, or if you just don't feel like fighting stuff, make a farm.
  6. I found a swamp that was basically one tile big, but it still managed to spawn a pond. It was literally a single pond on the middle of plains! It was the best base ever, something to do during the night and fresh froggie sandwiches every morning.
  7. Use the character's voices, make the entire video a capella.
  8. I often feel like I can barely get anything done during the day, and I don't get to explore as much as I would like before I have to either set up a fire or run back to my base, even if I set off in the morning. I would love longer days, and also longer, but more eventual nights to match. Right now I feel like nighttime is less like something to be afraid of and more like a boring sort of curfew.
  9. I'm lead to believe they only poop while sleeping after they're shaved, though.
  10. You can download videos from Youtube easily. Well, if nobody else is going to, I guess I can at least try... After a bit of toying with the first 30 seconds or so I ended up with this. Looks like it might be an outline of some sorts? http://puu.sh/1LsFp
  11. Please tell me the Test world gen was fixed to include the Pig King in this update, I want to generate a new world already.
  12. As far as I know, no animals that are tied to a world object (rabbit holes, ponds, pig houses) respawn ever.
  13. To whoever is trying to make sense out of the red dots and lines, try screenshotting ALL of them, and then overlaying all of their occurrences together, one over the other. Maybe they spell out something in Braille or Morse code, but it's "layered" in different parts of the video.