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Can this PC run DST?

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I want to buy a PC to play DST.

Not much budget and here's what I'm looking at.

Can it play DST (lowest graphical settings is ok)







Or, please advise a reputable website where I can buy premade desktop computer that can play DST comfortably and under USD400 (after shipping and tax (I'm in CA)). Thanks.

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In that case how about this: Dell Inspiron (micro desktop) $179.99



It has intel celeron and integrated video card. 32GB ssd.


yea. It can run don't starve together. Although, the ram is what i am concerned. The lack of ram can affect your gameplay, the game won't run smooth, and it will crash. I would advise you to go and get anything with at least 4gb, despite that the game only requires 1gb since you will find yourself in situations when there are 30-60 or more entities in the game(you know, multiplayer and stuff, nightmares, caves, etc + system + local' background programs will always run to keep your computer running, which will take at least 1.3gb of ram[i observe my computer when i am bored])


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I can get singleplayer Don't Starve to run reasonably well on a 2010 netbook with 1GB of RAM. It runs DST as well, but it's more prone to lag than my desktop. (Mind you, that might just be because I have difficulty finding wifi that doesn't suck rather than anything to do with the computer, but I can't tell.)


The framerate might drop if you play for several hours or there's a lot going on at once (like a forest fire or tons of mobs fighting each other), but other than that you should be fine.

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