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Can I gift a Humble Bundle copy of DS now so my friend can get DST later?

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Hi it's me again and my never ending quest to gift DS/DST to an online friend! Huhuhahahahaa


I was just wondering. Since the knowledge base says you can use Humble Bundle DS keys to activate your Steam game, can I buy this one now for a friend?



And can she use the key from that game to add DS to her Steam library?

And if I buy it before DST opens for all DS owners, will her copy also get a free DST access?


(Should I tag a Klei person? They never reply to my topic/questions about purchasing stuff...)

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@RalphKastro, I think it was June something. (Confirmed by @bakanando)


@Johnny5isAlive, I just want 100% assurance on this. I don't know how HumbleBundle works. They could be region-restricted like Steam?


I don't want to make another mistake again. :( I even explained in previous posts that I bought a couple of copies for gifting only to be disappointed by different rules across different purchasing platforms. Some friends I've had had to gift copies twice. Just so we can play.


I feel a bit frustrated that Klei never answers my questions here or on twitter.


Kinda disappointing that Klei replies to those 1-post users who only make accounts here to curse at Klei demanding their emails be activated or whatnot. Yet a well-behaved member and repeat customer gets ignored.

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My mammaries are calm, tyvm. They just need a little attention from Klei.




But seriously, I just need like an official statement/confirmation. I think I was within reason in stating my disappointment. It's not like I was harking to redo the whole game or add a new feature or some ridiculous demand.


And take note this is my 3rd time trying to establish contact and getting no straight answer. Maybe Klei's Incognita ran out of power? I dunno...


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If you buy Don't Starve on the humble store, you will be given a steam key.


As long as that steam key is used in steam, and a person owns Don't Starve in steam before June 3rd, and they don't already own Don't Starve Together, it will be given to them on June 3rd. As noted in a previous post, you can find all this information here and our support site.


In the future, if you require a direct answer, please send us a message on the support site at http://support.kleientertainment.com and we will help you out. This is set up so we can make sure that specific requests are handled appropriately. 

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Thank you very much.


Edit: Oh, I've read the forum post you linked before but it didn't mention Humble Bundle specifically. That's why I had to ask because the GOG keys don't work. The wikis have been wrong before. There are bits and pieces of info enough to make a logical assumption, but making assumptions has burned me in the past. (9 purchases, as of last count) If something else happens, I'll use the support site you linked me instead. Thanks for the explanation.

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