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  1. I've finished it. Saved 6/8.

  2. @RalphKastro, The only way it could be considered an exploit is in a competitive environment and I really don't think PvP in games like this should be taken that seriously. If anything I'd encourage Klei to have the command automatically enabled upon entering a PvP world. That would at least ensure that everyone was on a level playing field - ping pending - and thus leaving the command as optional in PvE, as @Clwnbaby said the command is still very useful even in PvE and I personally find the game unplayable without it.
  3. See: @Clwnbaby Does XirmiX now consider everyone that PvP's a psycho? Sign me up then. @blowtorch, Yes. The server is lying to you about where you are so it looks nicer, that other player has told the server to not lie to them and therefore they can see where you're really standing. @ThaumicParrot, The host of a server automatically has this, the game still counts move prediction as being on but since the server is what generates the prediction and the host is the server they have none. That's why you never join a player hosted PVP server, the host ALWAYS wins. However if you're hosting a dedicated server on your PC and are playing on it as a client then you likely will have a slight ping even if it' s just 5, you'll still see what's happening a lot clearer but would still benefit from using the command.
  4. The server is constantly trying to make the game look like singleplayer DS by using "Movement Prediction" In which you are allowed to move about as you would normally, but that is not actually happening. You move on your screen but you move on the server a few seconds later. That is why sometimes you get pulled backwards, the game has realised that the action you attempted was not actually possible so it "rubberbands" you back to the point that the action became impossible. Using the command simply removes this prediction and allows you to see what is actually happening, therefore the game appears much more laggy because that's how laggy it actually is. And since you can see where you are on the server with it turned off it gives people an advantage in PvP due to the fact that they can kite players with the prediction on since they aren't seeing them next to them yet, AKA people with it on (this is the default) see all servers with a delay, much like how has a delay on it's streams.
  5. @t0panka, I wouldn't call it that, I've yet to find a game with that system that didn't at some point develop a hierarchy over the harder to unlock cosmetics. It's called classism and humans often default to it. Looking at the DST community as it stands the addition of an unlock system may very well be the straw that breaks the camels back. But who knows? Maybe I am crazy and the DST community will be the first ever to coop with this system without becoming a toxic mess of idiots? I don't know. It's possible, just unlikely. @Mudley, That's not a bad idea. I still don't see the point in unlocking the skins. DS games are meant to have a long lifespan so it always seemed alien to me to have an XP system. Especially one tied to death.
  6. Don't forget that if this happens then there DST will attract that incredibly annoying community of people that always use the final AKA Pro Skin and anyone that doesn't use this end game skin of godhood is clearly terrible at the game and should be shot. I say just add the skins and make them all available to everyone from the start, like the characters themselves. That will avoid one skin being seen as "The pro one" And then we can all just dress how we like without having that one crowd call us noobs.
  7. I'll just add that it also looks really out of place and weird. I'd prefer if Lucy was still the only warning (Perhaps lower the transformation threshold to 15 to compensate?) I feel like having it on screen breaks the games rule of "Learn by screwing up" I can't think of a reason for it to be on screen other than to inform new players of the need for logs / make sure new players don't overeat logs.
  8. Hmm the first thing that comes to mind for a Jungle biome is monkeys. But they're already in the caves.. I guess it wouldn't be their first biome move. And it certainly makes more sense for them to be in a Jungle biome. OR MAYBE *Tin foil hat has been equipped* Klei has come to the conclusion that Caves are too difficult for them to add so they are simply going to expand on the surface in order to put all the caves stuff there instead! *Tin foil hat has been stored inside bin* Or maybe not.
  9. It seems we're exhausting the theory of Charlie looking for specific creatures for specific reasons. So allow me to shovel a fresh heap of crazy on top. Pig's are all terrified of the dark because they used to be players. They represent the noobs of the game that just make a basic house and stay there until they eventually run out of fuel and die to darkness, their souls reincarnate as a Pig. What about the Pig King I hear you ask? Legend tells of a mighty noob, less experienced than all before him, they say this noob was so nooby that he would make torches as Willow, top hats as Maxwell, and even Boomerangs as Wendy! He evolved past the point of merely wandering around his camp and instead simply stood still in order to properly defend it from the crows. So goes the legend. Merms are smelly. They do not fit my infallible lore, just kill them all.
  10. End of the story is that Woodie feels like a buffed Wilson. And in my opinion that's a good thing, eh.
  11. Honestly Woodie's current incarnation is pretty well rounded for a multiplayer environment. He can collect stupid amounts of wood that you will never be able to use, mine more rocks, flint, nitre, and moon rock than you ever thought you wanted all the while looking cool with his talking sidekick supreme axe of destruction and now he can pretty much morph between his forms at will for the speed boost, night vision, and cuddle factor! He has almost no issues and the vast majority of the problems people have been listing can be fixed with a single word, *teamwork* He was given 25% Beaver armour and a natural umbrella. All of my wants for Woodie have been met, now if you'll excuse me I have some massive deforestation to take care of.
  12. I for one greatly prefer the new rework of Woodie and think it should remain as it is. The only thing I would change about him at all now is the lack of armour the beaver has, even grass suit level armour would be nice. Right now Woodie is very very good. However with even the slightest change to allow the beaver more survivability would make him perfect.
  13. But it is satisfying as all hell during a 1v3 when you can coax people into accidentally team killing mid fight.
  14. Also, I noticed that Wes has an INCREDIBLE yet possibly unintended use!! Ghost players find it incredibly difficult to walk through a wall of balloons. So I threw together a quick combination of walls and balloons and soon enough I had a pretty effective wall that only really worked on ghosts! Wes may be hardmode but no ghosts will be burning my base down this winter! (I can only imagine how useful this would be as Maxwell, if he keeps his sanity regen when he is released) So there ya go, I'm still toying with the design since ghosts pop balloons when haunted but the one I have now is doing it's job at keeping one ghost out, however I doubt it would hold up against two or more. (I'm thinking I should try to place Pile O' Balloons at key points in the wall that would force ghosts to make more balloons...)
  15. I have beaten many players who had the flute or sleepytime stories while I did not. It's not impossible in any way, it's just very tricky to do and requires a little preparation, one single mistake in your attack strategy and you're dead. Also the Book is far harder to battle since it has a larger range than the flute. Honestly I don't mind the sleep affect, the only change to the book or flute that I would like to see is maybe a range reduction that only affects the effective range on players. Or maybe an increase in the cost of the book, it forces a dream state so why not have it use Milk in the recipe? Wicker does describe it as warm milk in book form, this would also give more purpose to The End is Nigh as you could use it to gather Milk. (even though I'm not a fan of recipes that include perishables... damn lighter.... ) The flute isn't that bad but with the book if you can see someone you can knock 'em out.