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RoG or old DST? How to check?

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Well..... I made a hack.  :-)

function Is_ROG_Enabled()	return GLOBAL.SEASONS.AUTUMNend


Yeah, both of the DLC checkers provided by <DST>/data/scripts/dlcsupport.lua say that RoG is not present with this test beta.


Hackish workarounds it is, I suppose.

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Reign of Giants is being folded directly into the Don't Starve Together code base. That means that there will not be any way to check if RoG is present for DST: it will always be there. There is, however, a world gen preset that allows you to make an (almost) vanilla DS game in DST. I'm not sure off the top of my head if there's a dead-simple way to query if that's being used, but it should be pretty easy to cook up, if not.

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  • Developer

Well..... I made a hack.  ? 1 2 3 function Is_ROG_Enabled()     return GLOBAL.SEASONS.AUTUMN end

Yeah as Seth mentioned, RoG is rolled into the base game so there's not an official concept separating the two, but in the mean time for mods to work with both branches, your check should be sufficient. Thank you for posting this!

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