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  1. Version 1.11


    Shows exact health of creatures on "inspect" action. (Steam link).
  2. Mini Sign does not support items from mods.
  3. Happy New Year! I wish less bugs in next year.
  4. In modindex.lua you have: function ModIndex:InitializeModInfo(modname) local env = {} Change it please to: function ModIndex:InitializeModInfoEnv() return {} end function ModIndex:InitializeModInfo(modname) local env = self:InitializeModInfoEnv() Thanks in advance.
  5. World Host Mod Crash

    You could add global prefabs = {} I guess
  6. recipe.lua

    self.level = level or 0 self.level.ANCIENT = self.level.ANCIENT or 0 Why 0? It's a table, isn't it?
  7. Some food mods may be incompatible. FIX: Jump implement this into the game please. Thanks in advance:
  8. Finally! Also add icons for mushrooms please.
  9. No updates for long time. Something big is coming?
  10. What exactly is done? And how much better is it now? e.g. I could host maximum for 20 players before. Can I increase this number now?
  11. Sometimes server crashes. I have a mod with following code: mods = {} local function SearchForModsByName() if mods.active_mods_by_name then return --Already initialized. end mods.active_mods_by_name = {} if not (_G.KnownModIndex and _G.KnownModIndex.savedata and _G.KnownModIndex.savedata.known_mods) then print("ERROR COMMON LIB: Can't find KnownModIndex!") return end for name,mod in pairs(_G.KnownModIndex.savedata.known_mods) do if (mod.enabled or mod.temp_enabled or _G.KnownModIndex:IsModForceEnabled(name)) --Mod is active. and not mod.temp_disabled --And not disabled. then local real_name = mods.active_mods_by_name[real_name] = true end end end Server crashes on line: mods.active_mods_by_name[real_name] = true with message: [00:15:25]: [string "../mods/workshop-666155465/modmain.lua"]:280: table index is nil Does it mean that mod.modinfo is real table but is nil? Is it bug of the game or I missed something? print(mod.modinfo) -- a table print( -- nil I'm just trying to detect some other mods to improve compatibility with my mod.
  12. Random Mod System Bug

    True. That was an empty folder with a single txt file. Not a mod. There was not even the modinfo file.
  13. Create New Bug

    True. And I even can't find it on market. P.S. Also add plz "Head" tag to market. There is "Body", "Legs", "Hand", "Feet" but no "Head". Thanks in advance.
  14. Note that the order that items are returned is not defined for lua pairs function. It's important for your new EQUIPSLOT_IDS variable and compatibility and synchronization.
  15. Sorry, it was my bad and I was in panic.
  16. Did you look at settings of the mod? There may be public (not hidden) options which you can change.
  17. Are you going to fix missing sound/gramaphone.fsb?..
  18. Aquarium

    Version 1.52


    Author: BeetleDan, Star Aquarium mod adds new craftable item to the game - aquarium. To fill it with water, wait for the rain. It's useless in winter, however it may contain some ice. Fish live in her own life. It doesn't work for you (like bird in cage) so be careful to save it from starving. Roe includes 0.5 meat and 0.5 fish. So roe+twig = fish sticks and so on. Russian Wiki What does it really do? Just try and enjoy! Quick info about this mod:
  19. local function EntityWatchWorldState(self, var, fn) if self.worldstatewatching == nil then self.worldstatewatching = {} end local watcherfns = self.worldstatewatching[var] if watcherfns == nil then watcherfns = {} self.worldstatewatching[var] = watcherfns end table.insert(watcherfns, var) end May be "fn" ?? table.insert(watcherfns, fn) ----> fn looks much better
  20. [04:06:21]: [string "scripts/prefabs/mooseegg.lua"]:160: attempt to index field 'moosespawner' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/prefabs/mooseegg.lua:160 in (local) fn (Lua) <156-162> inst = 103072 - moose_nesting_ground (valid:true) data = table: 5EE765E0
  21. [04:06:21]: [string "scripts/prefabs/mooseegg.lua"]:160: attempt to index field 'moosespawner' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/prefabs/mooseegg.lua:160 in (local) fn (Lua) <156-162> inst = 103072 - moose_nesting_ground (valid:true) data = table: 5EE765E0
  22. I think it's better to improve IsCookingIngredient function. Now it looks like: local function IsCookingIngredient(prefabname) local name = aliases[prefabname] or prefabname if ingredients[name] then return true end end And it should look like: --Will pick something for sure local function IsCookingIngredient(prefabname) local ingredient = aliases[prefabname] and ingredients[aliases[prefabname]] or ingredients[prefabname] if ingredient then return true end end
  23. Please, correct all blocks of the code, especially in the first message. net_float - maps to a 32-bit float net_byte - maps to an unsigned 8-bit integer net_shortint - maps to a signed 16-bit integer net_ushortint - maps to an unsigned 16-bit integer net_int - maps to a signed 32-bit integer net_uint - maps to an unsigned 32-bit integer net_bool - maps to a single bit boolean net_hash - maps to a unsigned 32-bit integer hash of the string assigned net_string - maps to a string of variable length net_entity - maps to an unsigned 64-bit integer containing the network id of the entity instance that is assigned net_tinybyte - maps to an unsigned 3-bit integer net_smallbyte - maps to an unsigned 6-bit integer net_bytearray - maps to an array of unsigned 8-bit integers net_smallbytearray - maps to an array of unsigned 6-bit integers More fixed code: self.hunt_kills = 0 self.net_hunt_kills = net_ushortint(self.inst.GUID, "hunt_kills", "hunt_killsdirty" ) local function OnHuntKillsDirty(inst) inst.components.HuntGameLogic.hunt_kills = inst.components.HuntGameLogic.net_hunt_kills:value() end --in the component's constructor if not TheWorld.ismastersim then self.inst:ListenForEvent("hunt_killsdirty", OnHuntKillsDirty) end function HuntGameLogic:SetHuntKills( hunt_kills ) self.hunt_kills = hunt_kills self.net_hunt_kills:set(hunt_kills) end