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  1. I searched but nothing found. How can I check the version without launching the game?
  2. Test your code using prints. Example: print("Declare the task...") inst.temperatureTask = inst:DoTaskInTime(5, function(inst) print("Check temperature:", TheWorld.state.temperature) if TheWorld.state.temperature > 35 then inst.components.insulator:SetSummer() print("Summer!") else inst.components.insulator:SetWinter() print("Winter") end print("Check insulator type:", (inst.components.insulator.type == SEASONS.WINTER) and "winter" or "summer" ) end)
  3. Try to decompile background from "storm cellar" and compile again. See what's wrong. Try again etc. If recompilation was successful, try change name. See what's wrong. Etc. If success, change picture and size etc etc. Every time make only one single small step.
  4. See "Storm Cellar" mod. Once I helped the author to inject the game without overwriting game files.
  5. You can enable client mods on dedicated server as any other server mods. Common way - using modoverrides.lua of the server. Easy way - add new line to the modsettings.lua of the dedicated server. Don't forget copy the mod to mods folder or subscribe in dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua There is no difference between "client only" and "server only" mods for dedicated server. Only one thing - client mods are invisible in mods list. You can download any "server only" mod and mark it (in modinfo.lua) as client mod, so the mod will be invisible for players. Example: Console Pro mod. It has "client_only" type because it should be hidden from mods list of the server.
  6. It's a kind of crash because there is no component in prefab, but it should be for sure. For example, there is no component "container" for treasurechest prefab. Is it possible? And why? AddPrefabPostInit("treasurechest",function(inst) if not GLOBAL.TheNet:GetIsServer() then return --component should exist only on server side. So ignore clients. end inst:DoTaskInTime(0,function(inst) --Wait a tick to be sure that component created. if not inst.components.container then --But it should be!! print("No container!") --Opps end end) end) There will be crash if I try to use this component. Little hint in server log: [00:02:00]: Sim unpaused [00:02:01]: No container! It says the "Sim unpaused". It occurs only if the first player joins the server. It won't occur if there is zero players again and then another player joins again. Only the first player after restart of the server caused the issue. Also I can't reproduce this issue on common caves server via DST client. Probably there should be an option that the server must be paused if there is no online players. It is possible only on dedicated server. Help me to figure out what's wrong. And how it is possible that there is no primary component for treasure chest? May be this is a bug of the game? Or may be I missed something?
  7. Just wait. I did not restart Steam or PC, and issue has gone. I didn't do anything special. P.S. Seems that Steam doesn't like if you upload the mod too fast again and again with little fixes. But I'm not sure. May be a kind of bug on Steam.
  8. Mini Sign does not support items from mods.
  9. If you want to make mods for DST with comfort and you have enough money, buy it. If you want to develop your own game, it's better to use Spine.
  10. Фокси, что делает этот мод? Зачем дропать морковь с игроков?
  11. GLOBAL.MakeDragonflyBait = function()end Add it to your mod with highest priority.
  12. Not exactly. I'm inactive for a long time but my mods keep working. I'm not sure what's wrong and where you can find a solution. But I think you can find a hint in onequip/onunequip functions in hats.lua
  13. It's not easy. You should provide save/load functionality for this perk. Btw nice idea. Okay... Draw a nice icon for mod, and I'll help.